Liberland Issues First Diplomatic Passports

Liberland Issues First Diplomatic Passports


The self-proclaimed micronation, the Free Republic of Liberland, which has claimed a parcel of disputed land on the western bank of the Danube river, is holding a Summer Dinner event on August 26-28.

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Liberland’s Summer Dinner Event

Liberland President Vít Jedlička
Liberland President Vít Jedlička

The conference this coming weekend will showcase Liberland’s goals regarding its constitution, and banking and settlement standards. The Liberland event will be held at Novi Sad, Serbia at the Hotel Park – Novi Sad, with the official program beginning on Friday.

Attendees will be greeted with a warm welcome from the President, and a dinner will follow, accompanied by a piano concert from Mihajlo Žurkovič.

Ivan Bertović, Patrik Schumacher, Monika Chlumská, and Titus Gebel, among other special guests, will speak at the event. recently interviewed Liberland’s President, Vít Jedlička, who told our readers that Bitcoin “Is truly the base of our economy.”

As a forward thinking company,’s CEO Roger Ver has generously donated $10,000 USD in bitcoin to help the micronation’s efforts. Ver believes in the promotion of free markets and libertarianism in general, and thinks the micronation is off to a great start.

“ is supportive of Liberland both philosophically and financially,” Ver tells press. “We hope the movement continues to be successful.”

On the second day of the event — Saturday, August 27 — President Vít Jedlička will present the official program and introduce the honored speaking guests, such as Frank Karsten founder of Mises Institute in the Netherlands. The conference discussions will go over the micronation’s progressive constitution and the economic approach to its very own banking and settlement system.

The First Diplomatic Passports Awarded

LiberlandOn Sunday, August 28, there will be an optional boat trip that will show off the beautiful landscape of Liberland. The tour will commence with special activities, and the first diplomatic passports will be distributed to representative office members. The passports will be awarded to those who have helped Liberland’s progress since its foundation, as well as people who have contributed significantly to the libertarian infrastructure as a whole.’s Roger Ver has been welcomed by the micronation’s community of citizens, and he will be among the first one hundred people to receive passport recognition.

Our website, being dedicated to decentralized technology, peer-to-peer applications, and open source code, is all about helping a micronation that promotes Bitcoin as its base economy. With libertarian values at the forefront of Liberland’s mission, we believe this nation will have an advantage over nation-states that use force as a means to get their ends in contrast to voluntary consent.

Times are changing, and society’s move towards more progressive behavior is pleasing to people who are anti-war, pro-free market and prefer the philosophy of voluntaryism. Countries like Liberland and tools such as Bitcoin make people think in a whole new way, and supports ideas that break the status quo. We hope Liberland’s event is successful, and we always encourage everyone to come together in the advancement of liberty.

What do you think about Liberland’s upcoming Constitution, Banking and Settlement Summer Dinner event? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, and the telegraf.

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  • Milly Bitcoin

    What a bunch of kooks. This isn’t Bitcoin, this is kooks who use Bitcoin as bully pulpit to promte fanatsy crap they read on the Internet. It is like cosplay.

    • Roger Ver

      All governments are just cosplay. The only difference is the amount of people who decide to play along.

      • Milly Bitcoin

        All you are is a cheater. You want to use all the infratructure set up by society … then you pick and choose what you don’t like and say you don’t want to pay for it. Your arguments might go over well with a bunch of dumb teenagers but they are very transparent to adults.

        • galbraith

          So if you are not free to do what you want in your life, to choose what is the best to suits your needs, to reject what you dislike, well welcome in USSR.

          • Milly Bitcoin

            No, you are talking a fantasy that does not exist in the real world, only on Internet discussion boards. You can’t seem to differentiate between reality and the stuff you read.