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Learn how to download and use the Airbitz wallet with this beginner video

Bitcoin video maker BTC Sessions is back, with another beginner video on how to download and use the Airbitz bitcoin wallet. The video will take you through the basics and explore the send and receive functionality of the wallet.

For those not in the know, BTC Sessions is a new YouTube video channel dedicated to beginners and newcomers to bitcoin, which covers different areas of bitcoin from a layman’s perspective. In the first BTC Sessions video we covered (because we’re fans!), the video was a tutorial on how to use the Copay wallet.

In the latest video embedded below, BTC Sessions covers Airbitz. The Airbitz wallet is a mobile bitcoin wallet that is made for Apple iOS devices and Google Android devices.

Airbitz features automatic wallet encryption and cloud backup, and device-to-device account sync across phone, tablet, iOS, and Android. Mobile wallet users can store, send, and receive bitcoin transactions. Airbitz uses client-side encryption, so they don’t have access to your bitcoin.

What is a bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin wallets are digital wallets for your digital cash. They come in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about bitcoin wallets here.

In the video tutorial, you can see how to send and receive bitcoin, using the QR code and also bitcoin addresses, as well as how the wallet currency conversion happens. The video is actually part one of a two part series, so subscribe to their YouTube channel to get updated when the next video on Airbitz is published.

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Airbitz is a popular bitcoin wallet which has been expanding rapidly over the past year. Exactly one year ago, Airbitz received $450,000 in venture capital from Block26 in a $1,250,000 ongoing seed round. They’ve clearly been putting the new found capital to good use, releasing their biggest update yet in April of this year, Matterhorn. Airbitz also recently partnered with prediction market Augur and the bitcoin exchange Ice Cubed.

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