Exosphere Academy Announces Ethereum Stream Development Course


Learn Smart Contracts in 8 weeks with Ethereum Stream Course

Ethereum is attracting a lot of aspiring and experienced developers who want to explore blockchain technology and smart contracts. Interested parties may want to check out the eight-week Ethereum developer course by Exosphere, called Ethereum Stream.

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The Ethereum Stream Course at Exosphere

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Although eight weeks might sound a bit short to learn everything about the inner workings of Ethereum, Exosphere is well-versed in providing complete educational programs. In fact, the Exosphere Academy has been making media headlines these past few months, as they focus on collaboration through discovery to stimulate future innovation.

The Ethereum Stream project has been created through a partnership between ConsenSys and Ethereum Labs. Anyone who has an interest in getting a hands-on approach with blockchain technology and smart contracts can apply for this course through the Exosphere website. As one would come to expect from such an eight-week trajectory, there will be plenty to learn and explore.

Exosphere Academy’s very own Moritz Bierling will act as the Stream Curator throughout this course, and he will be joined by Exosphere Fellow Philip Saunders. Some people may recognize that name as Saunders is the founder and CEO of Pax, a civic network and peer-to-peer legal system built on top of the Ethereum protocol.

Saunders, who will mentor the Ethereum Stream participants, stated:

I’m delighted to join the Exosphere team and help break
ground in exciting new areas. What makes learning Ethereum at Exosphere unique is being among people who are just as driven and committed as you are, who will support you and challenge you to be your best self.

The primary objective of the Ethereum Stream course is getting developers acquainted with Solidity, the smart contract scripting language used by the Ethereum protocol. Moreover, attendees will be encouraged to build their own decentralized apps, or contribute to one of the many existing projects in existence today.

Obtaining Recognition for Developmental Work

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But that is not all, as all of the contributions made during this course will be formally recognized, which can be seen as a “bonus” for future resumes. Thanks to the help of Ethereum Labs, projects in need of some assistance will be able to reach out to the team, and have their particular problems submitted to Exosphere Academy students.

Exosphere’s Moritz Bierling told Bitcoin.com:

I’m very happy about our partnership with ConsenSys and Ethereum Labs. Thanks to their support our students will be able to work on existing projects in the Ethereum ecosystem and gain the real-world development experience necessary to become a valuable asset to future employers or build their own projects.

Moreover, ConsenSys will create special badges to credit specific contributions made by attendees. This should, in turn, serve as a tool to help secure future internships at companies exploring the boundaries of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Applying for the Ethereum Stream course can be done through the Exosphere website, but keep in mind this course will start on July 11, 2016. Time is of the essence, and there is only a limited number of available spots.

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