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Le Cercle du Coin Creates a 'Bitcoin Boulevard' in Paris

The Le Cercle du Coin association just announced the grand opening of France’s first “Bitcoin Boulevard”. With help from Maison du Bitcoin, the boulevard passage will feature an eclectic range of merchants, artisans, and bistros that are proponents of the decentralized cryptocurrency.

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A Bitcoin Boulevard in the Heart of Paris

le-cercle-du-coin-5Jacques Favier, co-founder and Secretary of Le Cercle du Coin wanted Bitcoin to have its own boulevard in Paris. So the French-speaking European Bitcoin association decided to act on the idea. The group has designated the Passage du Grand Cerf, a beautiful location located in the heart of the trendy quarter of Montorgueil, as its Bitcoin Boulevard.

The Passage du Grand Cerf will have 25 retailers who accept bitcoin, and a creative workshop in the region. Le Cercle du Coin says the passage will have stylish artwork, decorative pieces, and fashionable accessories available for bitcoin.

Additionally, visitors can check out the famous Maison du Bitcoin (‘The House of Bitcoin’). The well-known establishment opened in 2014, offering a creative co-working space for entrepreneurs, an educational environment, and a Bitcoin ATM.

“We really wanted Paris to have its own Bitcoin Boulevard as they are called in other cities,” explains Jacques Favier, Secretary of Le Cercle du Coin. “It is important for Bitcoin’s image, as Bitcoin is something smart and subtle to understand but really easy to use.”

The Le Cercle du Coin Association, 25 Retailers and the House of Bitcoin

passageThe boulevard concept was initiated by Le Cercle du Coin, Maison du Bitcoin, and the Atlanta-based Bitpay. The three firms want to create a focal point in Paris and coach along the idea of Passage du Grand Cerf as the Bitcoin passageway. Some of the merchants taking part in the Bitcoin Boulevard include Le Pas Sage, L’Illustre boutique, Marie & Benoit, De marseille et d’ailleurs, and many more brick and mortar shops.

The Le Cercle du Coin association has been bolstering Bitcoin and blockchain technology since its inception. There are seven founders involved from three different countries, with over 50 members from France. Members consist of young startups, students, lawmakers, journalists and more, committed to supporting “projects about the new distributed money, with no banks and no borders.”

Bitcoin-Only Travelers Will Find Solace in Paris

bitcoin-boulevardThe Paris boulevard is an idea that hopes to spread more bitcoin adoption and to educate the masses on decentralized cryptocurrency. Paris has had a healthy relationship with Bitcoin for quite some time.

“I have known about the Passage du Grand Cerf for a long time, and I felt that Bitcoin could give its merchants a common project. People tripping around the world, using bitcoin only, will find an opportunity here to get their souvenir de Paris, and Parisians seeing our stickers on those elegant stores’ windows will know bitcoin is also a distinctive element to show modernity and talent,” Favier said.

Additionally, many other cities worldwide such as Switzerland’s Zug and the Dutch city of Arnhem have also created Bitcoin hubs. Passage du Grand Cerf will be another area that is very friendly towards the use of bitcoin, and will help spread awareness about its benefits.

What do you think about Passage du Grand Cerf becoming a “Bitcoin Boulevard?” Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Le Cercle du Coin. 

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