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Kryptokit’s is under DDoS attack

It seems yet another bitcoin company is under attack, this time being Kryptokit’s Rushwallet, which according to the startup is being DDoS attacked.

Rushwallet is a Bitcoin wallet that allows users to send, receive, and store bitcoins using their web application. Rushwallet is developed by the company Kryptokit. The wallet doesn’t require any usernames or passwords to get started, hence the name rush; which allows frictionless setup for new wallet users. The same company Kryptokit recently released a new wallet which supports both bitcoin wallets and ethereum wallets.

In a tweet sent out this morning, it said that is down and that the company is working on restoring site and wallet access.

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In a separate reddit post, the company also posted more details stating that they are under DDoS attack. There have been several bitcoin companies recently which have also been under DDoS attack, mostly though these attacks are done to bitcoin exchanges in attempts to steal funds from wallets and/or extort the exchange. BitBargain has a unique way in which they handle these attacks.'
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