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Kryptokit will be launching a new hardware wallet called Jaxx Ice Cube

Kryptokit, the makers of the Rushwallet and the Jaxx wallet, revealed their next innovation in the space which will be a hardware wallet to accompany their whole suite of wallet solutions (desktop, mobile, etc).

In a new teaser, Anthony Di Iorio the CEO of Kryptokit unveiled a new cold wallet solution the company is going to be offering, the Jaxx Ice Cube. The new hardware wallet will be a cold storage device with a host of key features the community has been asking for.

On the teaser page, the hardware wallet features are described:

– Generates your private keys on-device, and never connects to the internet
– GUI, camera and QR code functionality makes transferring funds a breeze
– Will have a fire rating and be waterproof
– Compact design ensures convenient physical storage in a safe or a safety deposit box, etc.
– One single twelve-word mnemonic backs up your bitcoin and ether, and all future coins and tokens Jaxx will be integrating.

The device is in prototype mode right now and Kryptokit is expecting to begin production of the wallet in late 2016/early 2017.

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Hardware wallets are seen by most in the crypto community as the safest way to store your bitcoins, as hardware devices work offline, are portable, durable, and are typically malware resistant. There have been several hardware wallets enter the market already including Trezor, Ledger, Case, Keepkey, and others. Keepkey recently acquired the Multibit wallet, expanding their reach from hardware to desktop wallets.'
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