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Kryptokit plans to integrate Coinbase into the Jaxx wallet for debit card purchasing

Kryptokit, the maker of the Jaxx bitcoin and ethereum wallet, has released plans that they are going to be integrating the Coinbase Buy Widget into the Jaxx wallet which will give users the opportunity to buy bitcoins using their debit cards.

As part of a series of posts called the Many Days of Jaxx, Simon Howell wrote about the conceptual plans,

“Today we’re presenting our initial concept for our integration of Coinbase’s “Buy Widget” into Jaxx, the first stage of our plan to make the cash purchase of coins and tokens from within Jaxx as convenient and painless as possible. […] In recognition of the fact that the space requires new, faster and more convenient ways for users to purchase cryptocurrency with cash, we’re excited to give the community a sneak peek at our planned integration of Coinbase’s “Buy Widget” directly within Jaxx.”

It turns out that Coinbase approached the wallet about adding the Buy Widget into Jaxx. “We believe in increased collaboration between companies in the wallet space, and this is a particularly exciting prospect for us for that reason,” Howell said.

The Jaxx-Coinbase integration would enable Jaxx users in the U.S. to use debit cards to purchase bitcoin from directly within the Jaxx wallet application. The integration would require users enter their name, email address and debit card number which will be processed on Coinbase’s end and will not be stored within the Jaxx database.

Pictured above is the preliminary design for what is envisioned in the integration and how it will look and feel. The integration is still being worked out including the finer points of the UI and the precise logistics, and whether Jaxx will have the option to customize the widget’s functions and design to match the current Jaxx aesthetics.

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Also as part of the Many Days of Jaxx series, it was recently announced that there will be a Jaxx hardware wallet called Jaxx Ice Cube. The device is in prototype mode right now and Kryptokit is expecting to begin production of the wallet in late 2016/early 2017.'
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