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Komodo Platform: Making Cryptocurrencies Safe and Anonymous

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Komodo is about to deliver all decentralized solutions in one package as decentralized trading, pegged assets, and anonymous payments will merge with Bitcoin into one ecosystem.

As the Komodo Platform Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period reaches its final week and the last pieces of the SuperNET ecosystem come together, novelty features that have never been seen before will soon be released. These include the anonymous transfer of national currencies, the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat assets, and much more. All of this with the hardened security provided by the Bitcoin blockchain and the anonymity found in zero knowledge proofs.

Development of both the Komodo Platform as well as the ecosystem projects that will complete it is going off without a scratch and getting closer to the finish line everyday. Both the privacy features from Zcash as well as the delayed proof of work consensus mechanism that will help secure the blockchain from attacks are currently working as planned. Komodo will be a project that other crypto projects can use to secure their own blockchains and to improve the project overall. The same can also be said for the other projects created by the SuperNET team. The Iguana multi-wallet that will allow projects without GUI development to be easily accessed by users. This GUI wallet will also be the center for all Komodo operations, including the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies via EasyDEX and of fiat currency assets via PAX (Pegged Asset Exchange). A whitepaper that describes the implementation of EasyDEX, a fully functional decentralized exchange has recently been released and can be read here.

All of these projects are close to being wrapped up into one single ecosystem, including the PAX that can already count with 32 fiat assets protected by the dPoW consensus mechanism and by zero knowledge proofs found in Komodo. This that anonymous and trustless exchange of national currencies and cryptocurrencies will soon be possible within the GUI wallet of the Komodo platform.

If you want to learn more about Komodo and the projects being developed by the SuperNET community, you can visit the Komodo and SuperNET websites or join the SuperNET slack.

Komodo Platform: https://komodoplatform.com/
Komodo ICO: https://ico.komodoplatform.com/
SuperNET: http://www.supernet.org/index.php
SuperNET Slack: http://slackinvite.supernet.org/

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