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Knowledge Miners: Bitcoin's Next Early Adopters

People often complain of the early adoption phase in Bitcoin’s early years, with the many people who had either mined the currency or bought a significant amount when the price was far cheaper. Yet mining the cryptocurrency and hedging the virtual money is not the only phase of early adoption within this new economy. In fact, as the currency is less than a decade old there will be many chapters contained in the crypto-economic infrastructure that will flourish exponentially.

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“You’re missing the point of Bitcoin if you feel left out. You can be as involved as you want to be, just go make something happen. Find something you think needs doing, recruit some people to help if you need help, and do it. Are you waiting for an invitation or permission from somebody?”

— Gavin Andresen, CORE Bitcoin Developer

Jobs, Jobs, And More Jobs

Bitcoin Early AdoptionMining occupations and purchasing of Bitcoin for trading or hedging purposes are not the only types of jobs on the Bitcoin block. There are currently multitudes of various employment opportunities in the digital currency realm and its surrounding applications. Right now if you have the particular qualifications, you can land a job in the cryptocurrency industry today. From consulting and journalism to research and development, there are so many applicable positions in this industry. Many of these positions also pay their employees with bitcoin, and people can work from remote locations all across the globe.

Securing a job in the Bitcoin space is just as important as the early adoption phase of collecting the currency. The reason for this is that the employment in this space is somewhat a limited supply of competitive careers. As time progresses and wider adoption increases the competition will become more fierce, but due to human life being finite it will always fluctuate to a degree. The race itself will have added rivalry as more and more people will find out this economy is a lucrative boom-town. Early adopters of cryptocurrency knowledge will be the first to succeed in these positions and also act as the teachers of the next generation of digital thinkers.

Consulting Services

Bitcoin Early AdoptionOne significant position that has appeared to be a worthwhile job would be a Digital Currency Consultant. Sure, people often complain about those who’ve hoarded the coin early on in their digital coffers, but what about those who have adopted the asset of knowledge within this ecosystem?

For instance, there are thousands upon thousands of individuals who have yet to understand the basic concepts of cryptocurrency. Methods such as using wallets, sending and receiving Bitcoin, using multi-signatures and 2fa, accessing private keys, cold storage, and so much more. There is a need for people to consult clientele on the very basics of this technology, as well as consultants who can best teach people how to hedge digital asset, when to sell, and what 2.0 applications they can apply the tokens to. The more applications the protocol helps create, the more jobs arise within its economy. All of these businesses and technologies will need to be described and researched so their investors can trust what they have to offer.   


Bitcoin Early AdoptionAnother job for the knowledgeable Bitcoin enthusiast is a writer. Not only do publications need writers to report the daily news but institutions also need work for their companies. If you have what it takes to describe the aspects of financial technology and cryptocurrency, then you could possibly write blogs and commercial reports for new startups and finance companies. Many of these writing jobs can be done remotely as well, and people are looking for those to describe these technologies and incorporate them into our everyday lives and localities. If you’re a Bitcoin writer from Russia, then people would like to hear your view from that side of the world. Jobs in the writing world are plentiful especially with economics, fintech and cryptocurrencies as long as you are committed to your practice.


Bitcoin Early AdoptionThe need for developers is huge and probably one of the highest paying jobs within the crypto-environment right now. Companies like 21inc are hiring backend specialists, engineers, and security experts. People who understand code and software are in high demand and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of jobs in this field. Applications need to be built like wallet services, game platforms, APIs, and thousands if not millions of other concepts as time progresses. Exchanges are hiring, startups are hiring, and this will continue to grow as the digital revolution branches out. Developer jobs are the majority of the needed individuals so far in this system, and this will remain for quite some time.

Graphic Artists

Bitcoin Early Adoption

People who are well-trained artists are very much needed in the cryptocurrency world as well. Companies and organizations need logos and promotional material to brand the products and services they offer. It seems like every day there is a new startup or project cropping up into the digital realm. These new ideas are in need of color and visuals to help promote the business. The number of jobs in this field are quite high as well with many people building teams with not only technical and business know-how but also some artistic marketing. Jobs for individuals and design crews are available quite often and with persistence, it can be a lucrative career. From in-house design to an assortment of promotional marketing methods graphic designers are often needed to add that finishing touch to the companies we see every day.


Bitcoin Early AdoptionAre you good at researching and analyzing figures and charts? People are needed to examine everything from assets to business data, and even the blockchain. Crunching numbers and refined analyst positions are often cumbersome for those who feel it’s a boring job. However, there are millions of people who like to research and examine things with fine detail. Not only do institutions and promising startups in the cryptocurrency world need consultancy with basic definitions, they also need someone who can analyze things with a fine toothed comb. Blockchain startups like Tradeblock reveal that this job is going to be a relevant fixture in the distributed ledger economy.

Video Production/ Keynote Speakers

Bitcoin Early AdoptionAlready in the crypto-universe, we have a good portion of people that can write and explain Bitcoin through written word. However, there is a need for those who can speak about the digital currency to great length or simply explain the basics. Visual movies are needed to be made, and companies within the industry are looking for producers of this content. Some people on this earth will not understand the virtual money by reading your thesis, and they may pass on the latest news article. But those people may learn better from spoken word or visual interpretations like film. People are hiring in this sector, and the increase of jobs within this field will also flourish well.

Innovators & Leaders

Bitcoin Early AdoptionThe Bitcoin ecosystem is in need of constant leadership abilities and innovators developing new concepts that are applicable with its protocol. Besides these six jobs listed above this position of employment is also going to be sought after. Someone to lead the pack of developers that makes the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries more robust. People who think outside the box and are thinking like startups 24/7.

Innovators and those with leadership skill sets will thrive in this new economy because the sky’s the limit to what Bitcoin can do in the future. The innovation of people who can decentralize all things such as communication, finance, governance, and importantly bring autonomy back to the people.

The argument for the early adopters is not as valid when you stare into the vast array of employment opportunities created by this economy. These ideas truly go on forever and will continue to do so as the decades pass. Anyone can join in this new system now and it is growing with the many jobs described above and so much more.

If you build it they will come and those developing applications that house, protect and make this protocol flourish will succeed. There are those in this world with the early adopters phase of knowledge right now. And this data is important for our environment to continue its potential mass adoption. The first adoption excuse is a poorly thought out opposition to the way Bitcoin’s economy will actually work. Without the architecture and the infrastructure, those thousands of hoarded coins by the digital currency’s early adopters are worthless. The entire community as a whole has more power than they think and often get scared when presented with FUD concerning early adoption.

Without people who build the infrastructure and also transact with the currency, this network will not exist. It’s as simple as that. The benefits of being an early knowledge adopter can equal steady and well-paying employment in this new economy. These people will be the first to adapt to the new environment and understanding of money. Bitcoin has invoked a new spirit of what money is, and many are researching and learning a whole new way to the how we interact with this wealth. There is no permission needed to join this economy, and you can be an early adopter even today.

What kinds of jobs do you see flourishing within this emerging economy? Let us know in the comments below!

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