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Keynote 2015: Harnessing the Distributed Ledger

On August 3rd, Keynote 2015, FinTech conference is coming to Los Angeles to enlighten its participants on the power behind distributed ledger technology. The conference will cover the protocol Bitcoin and many fascinating financial tech subjects. An audience of 500 will be in attendance, with the event featuring some of the most robust names in the Industry.

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“Keynote 2015 features a compact, focused agenda for maximum engagement. Keynote is produced by the team that presents the successful North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) every January. With backgrounds in banking, advertising, payments, and design, we are able to draw on an extensive network to create hard-hitting events that are excellent value for attendees and partners. The “proof is in the pudding” so to speak. Our speakers include chairman’s and CFOs of multinational banks, famous investors like Bill Tai, and brilliant CTOs, like the former CTO of Citibank, Yobie Benjamin.” — Moe Levin ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Keynote 2015 Conference Producer”

Keynote 15’ will take place at the legendary Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. With leaders from Paypal, Square, Twitter and Uber in attendance alongside capital groups and investors. Keynote speakers will include: Steve Waterhouse of Pantera Capital, Brock Pierce of Blockchain Capital, Karla Friede of Nvoicepay, Peter Smith of, and many more. One special guest on the list will be Aaron Cooper of the CCIPS Department of Justice, who will be giving an interesting perspective to the guests.

 “Right now we are seeing many people from payments, banking, investors and bitcoin startups signing up daily. We also have incredible connections in the Los Angeles tech scene, with help from the great people at and are inviting many different groups to the event to show off what makes LA special.”

With recent news of NASDAQ investing more than $100 million into implementing distributed ledgers, the world is watching this technology. UBS Bank also showed initiative this year by setting up a distributed ledger incubator in London. Visionaries like Apple’s Steve Wozniak, and Virgin’s Richard Branson have invested millions into the mechanics of blockchains, and this is only the start. Keynote 15’s focus is on just this energy.

“We have a few announcements to make that are confidential, but are game-changing and revolutionary in both the worlds of banking and Bitcoin. This conference is also an accredited conference, where attendees are able to get a Digital Currency Council certificate of completion.”

With millions of dollars being invested in blockchain technology, and intellectuals from all across the globe embracing the distributed ledger, no one wants to be left behind. Keynote 15′ wants to include participants learning and investing in the technology. Attendants will be able to receive a Digital Currency Council certificate upon completion. Education on harnessing the ledger is the forefront of Levin’s mind with this event. Levin told

“We like to think of ourselves like the TEDtalks of Bitcoin. Ideas worth sharing, and conversations worth spreading. I think the ripple effects from the deals and friendships made at this conference will be felt for years to come.”

The website gives the full list of keynote speakers. A synopsis of the entire event and many descriptions of why distributed ledger technology is the next big thing. Painting a picture of disruptive tech and “ramifications and nuances” of the protocol. Here you can find out how to attend Keynote 15′ and purchase tickets.

“I work at one of the largest European banks and am in countless meetings discussing the blockchain, bitcoin, and what it all means. We keep coming back to the distributed ledger, and why it is so important for people to start moving some infrastructure to a blockchain-like system. Even to pilot a project using distributed ledger technology. The speeches and conversations at Keynote2015 will give attendees the tools to come back to their companies with a new outlook on how to maximize efficiencies and save money.”

Be sure to use coupon code “WeLoveBitcoindotcom” for a discounted ticket when signing up.
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