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KeepKey Partners With Retailers Across 11 Countries to Expand Sales

KeepKey Partners With Retailers Across 11 Countries to Expand Sales

Bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer KeepKey has just announced its global sales expansion. The company has partnered with trusted retailers to allow local distribution of their flagship cold storage product in 11 countries across the globe.

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KeepKey Teams Up With Global Retailers

kkey_logo_blackThe KeepKey hardware wallet has become a popular device among cryptocurrency supporters. The firm recently dropped the price of its device to $99 USD, giving it a similar pricing to competitors Trezor and Ledger Wallet.

Now, the company says it has expanded its sales range by enabling the purchase of KeepKey products at local retailers around the world. People can now buy a KeepKey wallet from shops in Poland, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Germany.

Everyone can still purchase the device internationally through the KeepKey website. However, the company collaborated with six trusted retailers across four continents to hit the brick-and-mortar market. KeepKey has also translated its bitcoin vault into local languages.

KeepKey Head of Business Development Doug Miller says the company has grown exponentially, recently acquiring the company MultiBit. Miller says the company is also thrilled to partner with local establishments worldwide, stating:

With demand from new customers in so many countries, these partnerships will ensure a higher standard of cryptocurrency and digital wealth security for a global community. Especially in response to high profile hacks that have occurred recently, digital currency investors are more reliant than ever on high-performing security solutions in their own language.     

Local Languages to Be Integrated

keepkey-bitcoin-hardware-walletKeepKey plans to collaborate with more resellers in the near future so it can quickly build a “thriving international customer base.” Resellers partnering with KeepKey include Germany’s CryptoCoin, Japan’s CoinGift, Canada’s Bitcoinware, and Poland’s Bitcoinomat.

Bitcoin.com also features the hardware wallet in our store among competitors Ledger and Trezor.

The firm says the retailers across the selected nations have been quite helpful. In adition to stocking the device for local distribution, retailers have helped with the language translation process.

KeepKey claims it has provided thousands of Bitcoin users better security for their cryptocurrency since its launch in 2014. The firm believes its reputation comes from the product’s ease of use and hardware features. Additionally, the wallet provider says it looks forward to creating future partnerships and serivces for the cryptocurrency community.

What do you think about the KeepKey device? Let us know in the comments below.

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