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John McAfee to Join 'Blockchain: Money' Conference in London

John McAfee to Join 'Blockchain: Money' Conference in London

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. has just revealed that John McAfee will speak at Bitcoin.com’s upcoming Blockchain: Money Conference in London. McAfee is a big supporter of cryptocurrency solutions and distributed ledger technology.   

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MGT Capital Investments John McAfee to Speak at Blockchain: Money London

MGT John McAfee

On November 6-7, Bitcoin.com is engaging in a two-day event that will focus on financial technology, the blockchain industry, cryptocurrency solutions, and how to apply these emerging technologies in the real world.

The Blockchain: Money Conference will be the first event of its kind, aimed at networking for innovators and industry executives at the gorgeous 155 Bishopsgate in London.

MGT Capital Investments CEO John McAfee said he is pleased to speak at the upcoming event. MGT has been progressively scaling its business with McAfee behind the helm. This includes diversifying the company into many fields including Bitcoin by launching a mining operation.

The firm recently secured a central Washington location to host its new mine, and has deployed hydroelectric power to run the data center.

Additionally, MGT has announced the launch of its Sentinel technology, bringing more value to the business. Sentinel is an anti-hacking product designed by white hackers that focuses on corporate hacking and enterprise intranets.

John McAfee stated during the Blockchain: Money Conference announcement:  

The Blockchain will be central to nearly every aspect of cybersecurity, from wire transfers, to send and receive authentication, to secure voting systems. It will become the cornerstone of virtually all digital transactions

Special Guests and London’s Fintech Offerings

In addition to McAfee’s keynote appearance, there will be a vast array of other speakers from traditional finance and banking services, alongside cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. This includes Bloq CEO Jeff Garzik, Unsung founder Jason King, and Blockchain.info CEO Peter Smith.

Additionally, attendees will hear discussions from the head of securities at SWIFT, the CFO of Toyota, the managing director at Citi, and many more special guests.

The city of London has remained a hub for financial technology for quite some time. The area is home to many startups and investors.

Blockchain: Money will also feature top European exchanges and securities institutions, creating a melting pot of discussion with these emerging technologies. Furthermore, the conference will leverage the massive network Bitcoin.com has to offer to create an environment of education and innovation.

Blockchain: Money Conference

The Beginning of a Financial Revolution

By bringing the hottest names in the industry, veterans and new enthusiasts will find vast resources during the event. Blockchain: Money will be a great environment for innovative ideas, networking, and overall industry collaboration. Event organizer Moe Levin says the conference aims to “take blockchain technology from the fringe to mainstream.”

Having MGT Capital Investments John McAfee as a special guest will give attendees insight into the innovator’s thoughts on the future. McAfee’s participation shows that the Blockchain: Money Conference taps directly into the current financial revolution.

Participants interested in attending can purchase tickets to Blockchain: Money here.     

Will you be attending the Blockchain: Money conference in London? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of MGT, John McAfee, and the Blockchain: Money Conference 

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