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Jeff Garzik’s startup Bloq is now sponsoring bitcoin development

Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik’s startup Bloq, which delivers enterprise grade blockchain technology to companies worldwide, is now officially sponsoring bitcoin development.

In a Google Groups post by bitcoin developer Andreas Schildbach, who made and maintains the Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet for Android, said that all his future bitcoin development work is going to be sponsored by Bloq.

This includes bitcoin development for the Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet and also the bitcoinj library. In the message to the bitcoinj group, Schildbach said:

From now on, my work on bitcoinj and Bitcoin Wallet is being paid by Bloq, Inc. Bloq is an US based startup, delivering enterprise grade blockchain technology to companies worldwide (http://bloq.com/).

I will reflect this by using my andreas.schildbach@bloq.com email address for my git commits.

Many thanks to the founders Matthew and Jeff, as well as the rest of the Bloq team for supporting open source and free software! I appreciate that very much.

Financially contributing to bitcoin development isn’t rare in the bitcoin open-source community, as organizations such as Blockstream and the MIT Media Lab all fund bitcoin development.

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