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Jaxx Adds REP to Wallet in New Partnership With Augur

The multi-currency Jaxx wallet has announced yet another addition to its roster with Augur’s “REP” implementation. The wallet will be one of the first cryptocurrency platforms to offer REP storage. Alongside this news, Jaxx has been told by Apple that they have the green light to integrate Ethereum Classic as well.

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Jaxx Integrates With Augur’s Decentralized Prediction Token: REP

JaxxJaxx says it is excited about its partnership with Augur.

REPs are the native tokens offered by Augur, and are deployed throughout its decentralized network. Augur’s markets claim they will provide “real-time predictive data,” and that REP tokens will be used to incentivize participants.

According to Jaxx, REP’s addition to the wallet platform allows users a place to store REP in a secure environment giving the end user full control.

CEO of Jaxx Anthony Di Iorio explains:

“Augur is a genius concept. We are extremely excited to be integrating REP because it’s been surging in growth since it entered beta and is now becoming a hot commodity. Augur has been building decentralized prediction market whereby people can earn cryptocurrency by simply guessing correct on future events, as well as contribute to an innovative forecasting tool and community.”

Augur has made headlines lately, with REP getting picked up by major exchanges, such as Kraken and Poloniex. One REP goes for roughly $6.80 USD at press time, and the cryptocurrency is the 8th highest by market capitalization.

Augur’s Director of Marketing Tony Sakich says that the prediction market will be extremely useful. Sakich details, “Augur incentivizes market participants to reveal what they think will happen, rather than what they hope will happen, and REP will be used to power the predictions and earnings.”

Augur Tony Sakich
Augur’s Director of Marketing Tony Sakich

The Augur team says it has been excited for the launch of their token, and that Jaxx users should enjoy this integration.

“We are thrilled to be launching our token,” Sakich told press. “It is something we’ve looked forward to since the very first days of the project. REP will be a huge hit on Jaxx; it’s my default wallet, and it’s incredibly versatile.”

Ethereum Classic Approved By Apple

Ethereum Classic Charles Hoskinson
Technologist Charles Hoskinson, Ethereum Classic Proponent

Alongside its Augur integration, Jaxx found out earlier this week that Apple has approved Ethereum Classic. This means iOS users can now store Ethereum Classic along side other Jaxx-supported assets, such as bitcoin.

Di Iorio says Jaxx wants to bring all types of blockchains to the masses. “We are seeing a growing number of users rally around this emerging technology and will continue providing easy to use blockchain solutions and true freedom of choice,” said Di Iorio.

Jaxx a Success So Far

Since launching in June, Jaxx has already acquired 50,000 users and has added a vast array of cryptocurrencies. Technologist Charles Hoskinson, Founder of IOHK and proponent of Ethereum Classic, is quite pleased to hear it has been approved.

“Every cryptocurrency requires a diverse set of reliable, secure and easy to use wallets in order to grow and thrive,” Hoskinson explained. “Jaxx has focused enormous effort and resources on delivering one of the best in class and easiest to use wallets in the space. It’s great to see Jaxx supporting ETC. I think this is will be a great relationship for both communities.”

Jaxx told press that it hopes to continue offering a diverse set of cryptocurrency integration on its platform. The team believes the addition of Augur and Ethereum Classic will please both communities. So far, Jaxx’s combination of various cryptocurrencies makes it one of the first multi-currency wallets on the market with quite a bit of choice.

What do you think about Jaxx integrating Augur and Apple’s approval of Ethereum Classic? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images via Shutterstock, Jaxx, Augur, and Charles Hoskinson.

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