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Japan's GMO Internet Develops 12 NM Mining Chips

Major internet technology manufacturer and recent entrant into virtual currency mining hardware industry, GMO Internet Inc, has announced it has successfully developed a 12 nanometer (NM) Fin FET Compact (FFC) semiconductor chip for its next-generation of cryptocurrency miners. The company has described the innovation as a significant step “towards realizing a […] 7 NM process technology for mining chips.”

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GMO Develops 12 Nanometer SHA256 Mining Chips

Japan's GMO Internet Develops 12 NM Mining ChipsGMO Internet Inc. has announced the successful development of “a new 12 NM FCC process based mining chip” during “the first step of […] research and development.”

The company has hailed the development of its 12 NM FFC mining chip as a significant step toward “realizing their next-generation […] high-performance computer for mining.” GMO emphasized that the development of the 12 NM chip as has occurred “prior to the development of a 7 NM process technology” – stating that such comprises a “cutting-edge” innovation in “ASIC mining hardware.”

GMO stated that it “will now proceed to the next of the development to realize a 7 NM process technology for chips to be used in the mining,” adding that it “will not sell mining boards equipped with 12 NM FFC process based mining chips.”

GMO Internet Reinforces Prominence Within Mining Hardware Industry

Japan's GMO Internet Develops 12 NM Mining ChipsGMO Internet Inc, a Tokyo-headquartered entity comprising more than 60 individual companies domiciled in 10 different countries, first announced its entry in the cryptocurrency mining industry during September of last year.

The company expressed its desire to support the mining infrastructure of virtual currencies, describing the cryptocurrency sphere as comprising the “new universal currencies.” The company presently operates a mining center powered by renewable energy located in Northern Europe, and is seeking to develop and introduce “the next-generation of mining boards equipped with 12 NM chips in the first half of 2018.”

The announcement regarding the development of GMO’s 12 NM chips came on the same day that the company revealed that it has begun “offering [the] official version of [the] ‘Z.com Cloud Blockchain’.” The company describes the new chain as a “PaaS type blockchain platform” that allows users to “build distributed applications” on the blockchain “using Ethereum.” The project had previously been in beta since 2016.

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock, GMO Internet Inc.

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