Japanese bitcoin exchange Zaif launches new coin reserve program

Zaif is a Japanese bitcoin exchange which provides users with the options to buy and sell bitcoins using their online platform which focuses on the Japanese market.

And in a new announcement from the company, they are now providing customers with a new way to purchase bitcoin.

Announcing Coin Reserve

On the Zaif company website, they published a new page for users on how to increase their bitcoin holdings using a low-risk method. The method as they explain is through dollar-cost averaging. With the Zaif coin reserve funds will be automatically deducted from with a monthly fixed amount from your bank account; you can set aside the amount of your choice.

It’s a low-risk method because the purchases will happen on a set date and time each month, regardless of bitcoin volatility. This gives you a predictable monthly purchase that can average over time; it’s not intended for speculation or short gains. There is a minimum for the reserve purchases, which are a minimum monthly 1,000 yen or more ($9.06 USD). The maximum can be set up to 1 million yen ($9,061 USD).

Earlier this month Zaif’s parent company TechBureau secured $6.2 million in a Series A round of funding which they had planned to use partially toward investing in Zaif.

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