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Japanese Assembly Members Seek to Make Tokyo a 'Cryptocurrency Trading Center'

Japan is steadily becoming an area of interest for the cryptocurrency industry, and a politician in the capital city is looking to strengthen the trend. A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly wants to transform the Japanese capital into a “trading center” for cryptos.

Blockchain as a ‘Growth Strategy’ to Create Industry Hub

Yuu Ito, the third term assembly member in question, commented about the possibility of bolstering the city’s financial sector by increasing its involvement with the digital asset business.

The statement comes after his recent support of economic plans unveiled by Yuriko Koike, governor of Tokyo. Ito also pointed out challenges Tokyo faces in order to compete with other major financial hubs, like London, Macau, and Hong Kong. He believes high rates in bitcoin (BTC) tax might have deterred investors and companies from being active in Japan, and that significant action is necessary to advance the industry domestically.

Nobuko Irie, a fellow Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member, commented in a similar vein:

The country is printing deficit-financing bonds in the wake of the corona. Even in Tokyo, we must create new financial resources by setting technology that can generate wealth like blockchain as a growth strategy.

Guaranteeing a Healthy Taxation Environment for Bitcoin

She praised how bitcoin adoption has been skyrocketing globally, but raised concerns on how politicians are handling the matter. Here she urgently describes necessary action for Tokyo to become a cryptocurrency trading center:

Politicians should now tackle the issues of monetary policy and taxation around bitcoin. If you do it in the nation, you will lose the sense of speed, so create a special zone in Tokyo to use it tax-free in the city. I think it is the role of politicians to identify issues and clear them systematically while running.

Irie also highlighted the coronavirus as an opportunity to accelerate policy adaptations adoption while creating a healthy environment to develop a crypto trading hub in Tokyo:

When we have to turn the economy around, we need to create a mechanism that prevents money from staying. For that purpose, virtual currency and blockchain can be used. Based on the fact that I learned this time, I think it is necessary to accelerate.

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