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Tech Startup IOHK Initiates Cryptocurrency and Blockchain University Network

The blockchain research and development startup, IOHK, is building a network of university partnerships. So far, IOHK has partnered with the Scotland-based University of Edinburgh, as well as the Tokyo Institute of Technology, to bring together academics and students for cryptocurrency and distributed ledger studies.

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IOHK Aims to Tether Academic Research with Emerging Technologies Like Bitcoin

Tech Startup Initiates Cryptocurrency and Blockchain University Network IOHK is a technology company that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency development for academic institutions, government entities, and corporations. The startup was founded last year by Hoskinson, an original co-founder of Ethereum, and Jeremy Wood. The IOHK team partnered in February with two leading universities to promote the education and development of the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The University of Edinburgh will launch a Blockchain Technology Laboratory in its School of Informatics. The lab will enable students to collaborate on cryptocurrency and blockchain research and development. Additionally, the Tokyo Institute of Technology partnership will provide a similar center dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in the academic space. IOHK says the research lab at the University of Edinburgh will serve as the network of universities’ headquarters. The company also expects to create university-based research labs in the U.S. and Greece later this year.

“IOHK’s partnership with the University of Edinburgh provides unique opportunities for current students to become the next generation of blockchain and cryptography leaders,” explained Wood. “As a headquarter for IOHK’s international academic research community, we expect to see the university facilitate innovative projects that drive how businesses and governments approach blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

Pioneering Research Among Educational Institutions

Tech Startup Initiates Cryptocurrency and Blockchain University Network The University of Edinburgh’s Professor Kiayias, and the school’s Principal Sir Timothy O’Shea, are excited to collaborate on cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the School of Informatics lab. Furthermore, Tokyo Tech’s initiative will create a “Collaborative Chair”, where researchers and students will produce seminars, academic papers, open courses, lectures and more. Essentially, “pioneering this research area among educational institutions in Japan,” explains IOHK.

“This agreement is important because Tokyo Tech is seeking to enhance the collaboration with industries and universities in Japan and abroad by producing groundbreaking results in research and engineering which will be published in internationally renowned scientific journals and conferences,” detailed Tokyo Tech President Yoshinao Mishima.

Tech Startup Initiates Cryptocurrency and Blockchain University Network Hoskinson explains his company is pleased to partner with these academic institutions to further promote these technologies. “These partnerships will develop IOHK’s core business area, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain related technologies, and nurture and develop the global talent in these areas in the United Kingdom and Japan,” said Hoskinson.

Growing List of Universities Dedicated to Researching Subjects Like Bitcoin

The schools in Tokyo and the UK will join a growing list of universities dedicated to researching subjects like bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain. Universities such as Princeton, The International Business School ESMT Berlin, the University of Nicosia, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and many others have created blockchain research initiatives and cryptocurrency courses.

What do you think about the startup IOHK building a university network focused on digital currencies and blockchain? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of The University of Edinburgh, Tokyo Tech, and IOHK’s website. 

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