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Introducing Bitcoin Cash Charts – a Graphical Constellation of BCH Data

Since we launched back in 2015 all of us have been extremely busy building our website to be the number one go-to source for all things Bitcoin related. These days we have forums, a non-custodial wallet, games, educational resources, a crypto-market data portal called Satoshi Pulse, a newsdesk, and so much more. This week has launched our newly revamped charts portal which now shows the entire Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem at a glance. We’re super pumped to share our new chart page that shows the BCH price, market capitalization, daily transactions, money supply and a myriad of other charted factoids that’s sure to make any BCH supporter’s life a whole lot nicer.

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Bitcoin Cash Charts is pleased to announce our new Bitcoin Cash Charts web portal a site that’s dedicated to providing the public with a beautiful and rich display of the BCH ecosystem. Every single day there’s a lot going on within the Bitcoin Cash environment and people usually have to jump around to multiple websites to get charts and data in order to get certain info on their favorite cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin Cash Charts we’ve packaged everything all in one place for BCH enthusiasts, businesses, traders, merchants and basically anyone interested in this innovative technology.

Introducing Bitcoin Cash Charts a Graphical Constellation of BCH DataOur re-charged charts portal for BCH market action shows viewers:

  • The Bitcoin Cash Price
  • BCH Market Capitalization
  • BCH Daily Transactions
  • BCH Money Supply
  • Chain Value Density
  • Price Volatility

Bitcoin Cash Activity, Blocks, and Economics

Our charts take things a bit further with information on BCH transaction values, total transactions, fee percentage, fee rate, transaction amount, average UTXO amount, and the avg. UTXO value. Big block fans can get a glimpse at the Bitcoin Cash network’s blocks as our charts also measure block size, block intervals, blockchain size, block height, daily blocks, and the number of transactions per block. The economic section covers a broad constellation of Bitcoin Cash data as well showing the decentralized currency’s inflation rate, Metcalfe’s Law, the Velocity of Money and more.

Introducing Bitcoin Cash Charts a Graphical Constellation of BCH Data

Advanced Charts and Customizable Toggles  

Lastly, for the tech-savvy Bitcoin Cashers, the advanced section shows transaction size, output volume, UTXO growth and other statistics. Moreover, there are many toggles within each chart interface that can change a wide array of perspectives like a linear or logarithmic view, night & day mode, grid display, and a few more features that give the user experience a more custom feel.

Introducing Bitcoin Cash Charts a Graphical Constellation of BCH DataAt we are thrilled to launch such a rich display of charts and graphical information for people seeking knowledge about the BCH ecosystem. We also want people to share our recorded data and Bitcoin Cash Charts gives our visitors the ability to download a chart’s CSV file, an embedding code, and a markdown Reddit link as well. So if you like data that charts a large portion of the flourishing Bitcoin Cash network then our charts section is the place to be.

What do you think about’s recharged charts section covering the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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