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'Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto' Comic Book Sells For Over 20 Bitcoins

MEXICO CITY – The BitGive Foundation has been working to continue its path as an organization that leverages technology to spread philanthropy. Since the creation of BitGive in 2013, the team has helped many organizations, and is now concentrating on their own “Transparency 2.0 Project.” At the recent Latin American Bitcoin Conference Auction, the Bitcoin nonprofit raised 25.4 BTC for the transparency project from donated items and collectibles including a very special comic book. 

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laBITconf MexicoAt the third annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LaBITconf 2015) members of the digital currency community raised over $11,000 USD during the event for BitGive’s latest efforts and the local Latin American community. The money was raised through a collectibles auction with various items such as donations from Rocelo Lopes from CoinBR. Funds from a watch auction went to a local Mexican charity, Fundación Parlas, a group that helps people in poverty and suffer from mental illness. Fundación Parlas has just recently started accepting Bitcoin donations with help from BitPay and Bitso.

laBITconf Mexico

The Hunt for Satoshi

The auction’s main event sold a rare comic book titled Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, which was bought for 20.4 BTC by two buyers. Rodolfo Andragnes of Bitcoin Argentina and Sebastian Wain of CoinFabrik purchased the comic together and will share the collectible. Andragnes says: “Since there is only one book, we decided to share the book and double the help, as a way of giving back to the Bitcoin community.”

The reason the comic is so special is that FinTech Compliance Executive, Juan Llanos, got the book signed by 105 Bitcoin movers and shakers from 10 different countries worldwide. The signatures include Jeff Garzik, Roger Ver, Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopoulos, and many more making it truly one of a kind item. Lastly, the second item sold was a limited edition Cryptomatic bitcoin watch purchased by Pablo Gonzalez of Bitso for 5 BTC.

The BitGive Foundation says they had an amazing year in 2015 and are grateful for the opportunities BitGive was able to foster and take part in.” In 2016, they plan to embark on many more crusades and show the power of Bitcoin within the charity ecosystem. The team has created an image of all the international partnerships they have collaborated with since BitGive started in 2013.

laBITconf Mexico

BitGive Highlights of 2015

This New Year, BitGive will focus on the Donation Transparency Project as well as their efforts with other nonprofits. The effort will be a first of its kind attempt to use the blockchain to make charitable giving open and transparent through its cryptographic trust. BitGive is at the forefront of this concept, where donors can take advantage of this new technology and be sure their money goes directly to the intended charities.

Would you buy a rare comic like the one auctioned at LaBITconf2015? Let us know in the comments below!

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