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How CURE Wants to Help Heal the World

PRESS RELEASE. In a sea of meme projects and scams, CURE stands out as a project investors can believe in. By its very design, the community driven deflationary token seeks to empower the field of cancer research and beyond, whilst building itself into a household name.

CURE token will change the world. Of that I have no doubt.” – Jacob.

Investors now want more than just a run of green candles. They want projects they can believe in and CURE aims to provide that catharsis, whilst still making them profit. Using the decentralized nature of crypto to bypass bureaucracy and government red-tape, the project aims to cut right to the heart of cancer.

The brainchild of fully doxed philanthropist Jacob Beckley, current Senior Vice President of
technology, product and innovation at award winning company, Fusion92. Jacob’s impressive credentials prove him to be the right candidate to lead such a revolutionary new project. The 43-year-old Chicago native is also the founder of the Beckley Foundation, a highly successful non-profit charity, which combines voluntary talent from the medical, scientific and business sectors with the sole focus of eradicating pediatric cancer. So far the foundation has raised over one million dollars to further the fight against childhood cancer. However, after the pandemic hit, raising money and awareness became more difficult. At the same time cryptocurrency surged in popularity as an alternative means of income. The idea of combining the two elements came to Jacob, and CURE was born.

“Everyone deserves the right to live long, healthy lives. We are going to help make that a

In the short term, the token will tackle the darkest side of cancer — pediatric. In just three
short weeks since its launch, the project has grown its team from just 1 to over 65, hit 2500 holders, reached an ATH of 7 million dollars and raised over $100,000 for child cancer research. Now a further $10,000 will be donated every single day. Funding small cancer research teams and airdropping financial support to families most affected has and continues to be high on the agenda too (such as Lucas, a four-year-old leukemia sufferer and his family who CURE paid to visit Disney World – his first ever holiday). In a space where promises are often made but rarely honored, CURE is dedicated to committing to its altruistic goals, and having a profound impact on lives.

The long term utility however, is where things start to get really exciting. One avenue being
heavily explored is to create an entirely new blockchain, featuring an agnostic system of
organically growing lifetime patient health information. Researchers will be able to tap into
that anonymous information to collate invaluable mass data to help with cures and other health solutions for all manner of diseases and conditions, whilst bypassing problematic national healthcare regulations.

The second planned future utility is that of healthcare access, specifically for those where it is limited due to affordability or location. CURE could be traded or donated to those in need, allowing them to access professional healthcare worldwide, regardless of their situation. If implemented successfully, this revolutionary idea could well become a genuine and viable solution to the global healthcare crisis.

CURE is a token for investors who want to feel good about their support. A charity that earns them money from their investment, whilst bettering the lives of those who need it most. Of course meme projects still exist, popping up and vanishing faster than you can say ‘rug-pull,’ and some may even reach higher market caps quicker than CURE in the short term. But CURE isn’t about the short term. It has Ethereum and Bitcoin in its crosshairs, and it won’t stop until it catches up. CURE isn’t a simple charity, it’s an entire healthcare revolution.

Now that’s an idea worth investing in.

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