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Hacker Chic; Get a Bitcoin, Periodic Table or Fibonacci Sequence Fashion Dress

Crypto is going to change the world, and so are women. And women who dabble in bitcoin never want to look basic. As an answer, Shenova Fashion combined the two in a made-to-order Bitcoin Genesis Block Dress. It’s one more piece of proof bitcoin and cryptocurrency are making it into the mainstream.

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Bitcoin Genesis Block Dress

“My husband just gave me the Bitcoin dress for my birthday,” raved Allison F. who left a review on the Shenova Fashion website, “and I wanted to tell you how much I like it. The idea is awesome and I’m particularly impressed with the quality of the dress. It looks professional and elegant and I love the fabric – I think it will be really comfortable and will travel well.”Hacker Chic; Get a Bitcoin, Periodic Table or Fibonacci Sequence Fashion Dress

The Bitcoin dress is the brainchild of designer Holly Renee, who began her overall fashion project in 2012 as an Etsy page, though she’d been designing since she was a teen. In terms of the Genesis Block dress in particular, the “inspiration behind the dress was wanting to solidify this moment in history,” Ms. Renee told News.Bitcoin.com. “I feel like fashion needs to reflect socio-economic trends, and Bitcoin/Crypto has reached an awareness tipping point. (You know it’s happened when folks’ grandparents are asking about it! ) I’d already been designing dresses with code on them, so this felt like a natural addition to my tech collection,” she explained.

Work it Girl! In a Bitcoin Genesis Block Dress

The San Francisco based company digitally prints on the fabric, and each dress is made by hand through “sewing artisans.” The process “provides a zero-waste print-to order technology. The textile file that is created is printed onto transfer paper, then transferred to the fabric with heat rollers which permanently seals the inks into the fibers. The fabric is then individually cut to size, tagged, sewn and shipped,” according to the company’s site. It’s fitting a crypto dress would be printed digitally, and Shenova describes the process as exciting “because it allows whimsical flexibility, and endless creativity. If you can see it, you can print it (then wear it!) The concept is so great because you can literally take something right off the computer screen and onto your body.”

Ms. Renee continues, “Crypto is going to change the world. I’m incredibly fascinated by the idea of The People taking back control of our money. By creating this dress, the wearer is inviting a conversation. Inevitably, someone’s going to ask you: ‘What’s on your dress?’ Then hey, now you get to talk about Bitcoin! The dress not only looks cool, but is an icebreaker. You might even make a new friend. Creating art that connects people is the ultimate inspiration behind all of my designs,” she insisted.

Work it Girl! In a Bitcoin Genesis Block Dress
Holly Renee

Beautiful Hacker Chic

Another customer, Isabella R., described the Bitcoin dress as “beautiful hacker-chic,” and how she loves “everything about this dress! The stretchy material and cut is very flattering, comfortable, and light. Print quality for text this small isn’t always so crisp, and stretchy material can sometimes have seam issues which I haven’t found here.”

Work it Girl! In a Bitcoin Genesis Block Dress

“The style/cut of dress I prefer is the classic sheath-style, ‘Little Black Dress,’” Ms. Renee details. “It’s a type of dress that celebrates the feminine shape, but is conservative enough for the office. It can be worn to work, but serve as a fun conversation piece at a cocktail party. Many of my tech women customers also like to give presentations in my pieces.”

Work it Girl! In a Bitcoin Genesis Block Dress

Ms. Renee describes Bitcoin dress sales as pleasantly surprising her, and in one case within five minutes of an Instagram post a dress was sold — a record for Shenova. The dress can be purchased online and with bitcoin. Her designs include a myriad of science and technology related dresses: Periodic Table dress, Circuitry dress, a Fibonacci Sequence dress, and many more. Shenova even uses science and tech savvy models for an extra ounce of street cred. And her dresses have been worn by influential women in science such as Nina Tandon of Epibone and Planetary Scientist Emily Lakdawalla from Planetary.org.

Would you (or your lady friend) rock the Bitcoin Genesis dress? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Shenova.

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