Why 'Glockchain' Could Hold Police Accountable, Curb Violence


Why 'Glockchain' Could Hold Police Accountable, Curb Violence

There have been a lot of reports in the U.S. concerning police shootings. Now, a new project called Glockchain is trying to curb violence by using blockchain technology to record an officer anytime their gun is drawn or fired.

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Glockchain Pilots Blockchain-based Firearms

The Glockchain team is designing a firearm that could significantly hold law enforcement accountable in the future. The project is one of the new pilots backed by Ideo coLAB, a partnership between Liberty Mutual, Citi Ventures, Fidelity, and Nasdaq. Glockchain’s creators claim this prototype is unlike traditional smart gun technology. Jing Ling, Liberty Mutual IT project manager and Glockchain member tells Tech Insider:

Unlike a traditional smart gun, you can see who’s holding the gun. Then you can pair that with video for a time record.

Glockchain Team and Prototype Build

The Glockchain concept comes at a time of turmoil when accountability within U.S. law enforcement has been quite lax even with videos of specific gunfire activity. Additionally, President Obama has stated he will push for smart gun technology research and development. At the same time, there are many gun rights activists against smart gun technology being put into legislation, such as the NRA.

Ideo started the pilot workshops in 2015 in Boston at MIT Media Labs and had tested prototypes at Target’s retail stores. Joe Gerber, a managing director of coLAB, says the project members “see value in accelerating learning by building together in groups.”

Blockchain Smart-Gun Tech Gaining Traction

gunThe team will have competition in the blockchain smart gun field, however, if Glockchain sees the light of day by becoming more than just a lab prototype. Bitcoin.com recently interviewed the CEO of Blocksafe, Kevin Barnes, whose startup is raising money for a similar firearm concept.

“I see an infrastructure to support smart gun technology as the first step to reducing the need of regulations in various areas in the world,” Barnes told Bitcoin.com. Blocksafe could also be used by the police as the concept tracks gunfire and inventory with blockchain technology.  

The Glockchain discussion has been very topical throughout social media such as Reddit and Twitter. Some people were completely against the concept while others believed the technology would curb overall violence and transparency with police shootings. Head of Citi Ventures Global Lab Network Ian Lee is very optimistic about these types of innovations explaining to his followers via Twitter:  

Maybe our @ideocolab‘s “Glockchain” prototype for gun responsibility w/ #blockchain isn’t so crazy in today’s world.

Can concepts like Glockchain and Blocksafe reduce gun violence, increase transparency for law enforcement? Let us know in the comments below!

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