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Global Arena Holding, Inc to Acquire Blockchain Technologies Corporation

Blockchain Technologies Corporation (BTC) is a technology company acting as an early-stage Angel investor, incubator, and seed accelerator program featuring a number of innovative startups using and researching the Blockchain.

Blockchain Technologies has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Global Arena Holding, Inc., (OTC PINK: GAHC). GAHC incorporated a new wholly owned subsidiary in the State of Delaware called “GAHI Acquisition Corp.” This entity was incorporated to be the merger subsidiary for the acquisition of Blockchain Technologies Corporation.

GAHC will also have capitalized GAHI Acquisition Corp. with $1,250,000 plus an amount equal to an outstanding bridge loan, which amount shall be used for the development and implementation of the Blockchain business and technologies, as well as, the repayment of said outstanding debt.

John S. Matthews GAHC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer commented:

“I am very pleased with the potential technology acquisition and believe on consummation, BTC and its subsidiaries will add an exciting dimension to the growth of GAHC.”

The developments included in the proposed GAHC-BTC merger includes at least four provisional patent applications reflecting material improvements upon rudimentary Bitcoin Blockchain technology in areas such as database creation and utilization, decentralized voting, retail affinity tokens or rewards, and the invention of an interactive Internet browser that makes possible user-advertiser affinity tokens or rewards.

BTC currently owns several startups that are operating in the Blockchain technology field. In particular the GAHC proposed acquisition affords GAHC ownership of Blockchain Technologies Corporation’s wholly owned technology companies including:

Slidechain LLC: a company that utilizes multiple Blockchains simultaneously, with their backbone being the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Digital Assets Vending Inc.: a Bitcoin ATM / BTM company Cryptos: a high-speed, ultra-secure digital currency-trading platform with AlphaPoint.

Overseas BC Marketing: A company that has entered into an agreement with an Irish gaming company pursuant to which Overseas BC Marketing will market online web-based waging services and products.

Blockchain Apparatus LLC: a company that uses the Blockchain for an incorruptible voting application and self-executing wills and smart contracts, among other uses.

Nick Spanos, BTC Chairman & Chief Executive Officer stated:

We’re delighted with the GAHC proposed merger as it will enable us to compensate developers with a publicly traded stock, and we are further inspired by the knowledge that as a function of this proposed merger, the public can now participate in a company with Blockchain technology.

GAHC is trading on the OTC Markets and has been publicly traded since 2011. GAHC holds a number of interests, including Global Elections Services, and Global Arena Investment Management.

The increasing interest from big companies on the Blockchain technology is giving rise to a new series of developments and applications bound to play an important role in the future.

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