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Gift Bitcoin Cash for Chinese New Year With a Limited Edition Red Envelope Paper Wallet From

Giving red envelopes full of money to friends and family is a traditional way to celebrate the Lunar New Year in China and other Asian cultures. This year you can gift your loved ones bitcoin cash with a limited edition Red Envelope BCH paper wallet from

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Say Happy Lunar New Year With Bitcoin Cash

The Lunar New Year festivities will begin as a new moon appears on Saturday, 25th January 2020. To celebrate the holiday, has developed a limited-edition themed paper wallet for Asian BCH users to gift as a Red Envelope.

If you are not familiar with this feature, a paper wallet is a physical way to store digital assets. You can load any amount of crypto on a wallet like that and whoever has the piece of paper with the private keys can easily redeem the funds. Once the wallet is made and you have sent funds to it, it is essentially like cash, so remember to take any precautions necessary to ensure it stays safe until needed.

Generating a Red Envelope couldn’t be easier. Once you click on the ‘Create one’ button all you have to do is move the cursor around for a short while to create generate randomness and the service will quickly create a new wallet address for you. Then you simply select the Chinese New Year 2020 limited edition design, customize it as you see fit, print it out and that’s it: three simple steps and you’re good to go.

Gift Bitcoin Cash for Chinese New Year With a Limited Edition Red Envelope Paper Wallet From

To create your own limited-edition holiday themed bitcoin cash paper wallet to gift, click here. To load up the paper wallet with bitcoin cash, send the amount you would like to give to the public address by scanning the QR code with your wallet.

If you don’t already own BCH to gift in your Red Envelope, you can get it easily through our website on Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with more advanced trading platforms, you can also purchase it through our premier cryptocurrency trading platform or directly from other traders like yourself on

How to Redeem or Safely Store a Paper Wallet

On the receiving side, redeeming bitcoin cash from a Red Envelope is quite easy. If they don’t already have one, they will need to download a crypto wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash and just use the app to scan the QR code of the private key on the Red Envelope. The funds can then be swept from the Red Envelope to the digital wallet.

If they want to redeem the Red Envelope right away, they can either download the Wallet desktop app or the Electron Wallet desktop app. Alternatively, if they are not in a rush to redeem the Red Envelope, they can wait until we release a new version of the Wallet app for mobile which supports this function (coming soon).

For anyone looking to load large amounts of money into their paper wallet, or just eager to learn more about the best way to protect their digital assets, our paper wallet portal provides instructions for attaining a high level of security. This entails downloading the generator and running it on a safe system that you trust without being connected to the internet. The paper wallet itself should be stored in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box or a room only the owner has access to, where it can’t be hurt by fire or flooding just as you would store fiat paper cash worth the same amount.

What do you think about gifting the Bitcoin Cash Red Envelope for Chinese New Year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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