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Georgetown University to Host DC Blockchain Summit

Blockchain technology is a hot topic right now, and various companies are looking how they can best explore this innovation for their own benefit. As a result, there will be various blockchain events throughout 2016, and one of the upcoming conferences is the DC Blockchain Summit taking place at Georgetown University. This event is a collaboration between the University and The Chamber of Digital Commerce.

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DC Blockchain Summit – March 3rd, 2016

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The main goal of a blockchain conference is educating people about how the technology works, and more importantly, why this concept should matter to all of us. However, when it comes to the blockchain, the concept is not just about technology, but also innovation on a level we have never witnessed before.

As one would come to expect from a major innovation such as blockchain technology, there are regulatory questions that need to be answered. There is no central organization or institution controlling the blockchain, which makes it hard to regulate in a traditional way. But through an open dialogue between industry experts and regulators, a solution will be found in due time.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce plays an important role in that regard, as this association is the frontrunner when it comes to representing the Bitcoin and blockchain community. A variety of industry experts, combined with policymakers and people with plenty of knowledge in the legal department, make the Chamber of Digital Commerce a valuable addition to the Bitcoin community.

Even though the DC Blockchain Summit will only run for one full day, there is plenty to talk about. With no less than five different panels – all of which touch upon different aspects of life that can be affected by blockchain technology – attendees will gain valuable insights into this innovative concept and how it can improve their lives.

Among the topics to be discussed during the summit are smart contracts, law enforcement, protecting consumers, financial services, and blockchain thought leaders. Especially this latter category is of great importance, as there would be little room for future innovation without people discovering new ways to implement this technology.

Furthermore, there will be plenty of networking opportunities during the DC Blockchain Summit, giving attendees and speakers a chance to exchange thoughts and ideas in a more relaxed environment. With so many like-minded people at Georgetown University for this event, interesting discussions are bound to take place sooner or later.

In fact, there is a small gift for the first 100 people registering to attend this event, in the form of a free book. Titled “Blockchain Revolution: How the Underlying Technology of Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World”, the book by Alex and Don Tapscott will be food for thought after the DC Block Summit event has come to a close.

Georgetown University is Not a Random Choice

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Very few people realize there is a deeper connection between the world of Bitcoin and Georgetown University. Back in April of 2015, an article was published on the University’s website, detailing how the associate professor of finance James Angel examined the use and relevance of Bitcoin.

James Angel stated the following at that time:

“Consumers and businesses have many choices of how to make payments and what forms of payments to accept, each of which imposes different levels of costs and benefits. The continuing evolution in the technology of payments, particularly with Bitcoin, raises interesting ethical questions.”

Even though associate professor Angel is not on the list of speakers for the DC Blockchain Summit conference, there will be people in attendance who remember his research vividly. Keeping in mind how nearly a full year has passed between his research and the date of this event, his words still hold a lot of merit to this day.

The DC Blockchain Summit will take place on March 3, 2016.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming DC Blockchain Summit? Which of the speakers or topics are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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