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Gender Diversity in Bitcoin and Tech To Benefit From Projects Such as Boardlist

One of the most often heard criticisms in the world of technology is the fact there are not enough women in higher-up positions. Staff diversity is a key issue in the technology sector, and that has nothing to do with the fact that there are not enough women showing an interest in this space. Services such as Boardlist will make it easier for tech companies to find female board talent, and helps more females land a job in the tech industry.

Gender Diversity – A Work In Progress

In recent years, the tech industry – and more specifically, Silicon Valley – faced a lot of scrutiny for its lackluster efforts to promote gender diversity. And even though there are a few more female faces in the world of technology today, it still remains a male-dominated market, as it always has been.

According to a recent study by various companies, most Silicon Valley companies have less than 32% female staffers in their organization. Or to be more precise, that number represents women in the company workforce. And as people look higher up the ladder, that percentages grows slimmer and slimmer.

Whether or not this can be attributed to the idea of women being “less capable” of taking up a major role in a tech firm or not, is unclear for now. But what can help the gender diversity issue is by adding at last one female talent to the company as soon as the idea to create a startup materializes. In the end, doing so would stimulate gender diversity at later stages.

Research has indicated that gender diversity is beneficial in multiple work areas, including a company’s chances of becoming successful. Gender-balanced teams are more likely to be creative, think outside of the b ox and share knowledge. Additionally, gender and ethnicity diversity leads to better financial results as well. But with only 14.3% of board positions in the top 100 tech companies being held by women – in 2013 – there is still a long way to go.

In the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, the story is very much the same. While there are dozens of new startup companies every quarter, they are, for the most part, made up by males only. And whenever a female is added to the team, they mostly fill the role of public spokesperson, rather than being placed in between the other “techies”.

Truth be told, women are often better at public relations compared to men. But that doesn’t mean they are only capable of filling those roles. Some of the Bitcoin companies with a wide social reach, such as ChangeTip and BitPesa, have women in a seat of “power”. And those decisions are paying dividends so far.

The official Boardlist announcement states the following:

While women in STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] and women founding companies are critical, long-term areas of focus, there is a tremendous opportunity to drive diversity in virtually 100 percent of privately funded tech companies at the board level. Every boardroom, founder, and investor can benefit from diverse thinking — and the earlier the better.

Boardlist – A Database of Females Leaders For Private Tech Companies

In order to promote gender diversity in the technology – and Bitcoin – space  Joyus CEO Sukhinder Singh Cassidy has announced her new project, called Boardlist. The main goal is to create a database of female leaders who are all suited to take up board positions in private tech companies, which will help with the gender diversity issue.

Boardlist’s Sukhinder Singh Cassidy explained it as follows:

Boardlist is key to discovering and helping find the best female board talent for private tech company boards by using the power of our own leadership community, personal endorsement and technology. It’s necessary because today this process is random, manual, adhoc, word of mouth and we continue to suffer from the perception that there is not enough from a ‘pipeline’ of great female leaders as a result.

Tech and Bitcoin companies should be looking to fill their positions with the appropriate talent, regardless of gender or ethnicity. There are plenty of bright men and women out there who are looking to land their next major job, and companies can benefit from a fresh set of eyes in a mostly male-dominated sector.

What are your thoughts on bringing more females to seats of “power” in the world of Bitcoin and technology? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CNET

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