Ready for the Future of Bitcoin Betting? Interview with Nitrogen Sports


Bitcoin Adds Privacy To Bitcoin Betting: Interview With Nitrogen Sports

Sports betting websites have thrived on the Internet for many years. However they now face a new wave of competitors with a magic trick in their pocket: bitcoin. We interviewed one of the leaders in the bitcoin betting space; Nitrogen Sports. spoke to Carlos, content manager at Nitrogen Sports. Here is everything you need to know about his company and its links to bitcoin.

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Interview With Nitrogen Sports Content Manager

Bitcoin (BC): Could you please explain to our readers what Nitrogen Sports is all about?

Carlos: Nitrogen Sports is an online gaming platform that allows players to bet with cryptocurrency. We offer an industry-leading sportsbook as well as a casino and an active poker room.

BC: How is it different from the competition?

Carlos: Bitcoin allows us to do things and to offer services that other fiat currency books can’t. For one, transfer in and out of our platform is seamless, giving players the benefit of short wait times on deposits and withdraws. Players don’t have to wait for credit card providers to clear amounts or for centralized banks to approve transfers. Wait times are left up to the player and the speed of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

BC: How do you generate revenues?

Carlos: An an online sportsbook, casino, and poker room we generate revenue as any traditional sportsbook/casino would, through fixed commissions on our sportsbook and games. We have been fortunate to work with some great people who have helped us to set some of the most competitive commission rates in the industry.

BC: How is your company dealing with regulation and does Bitcoin make things easier or trickier?

Carlos: When we entered the market, we weren’t the only player accepting bitcoin and we have since watched the space to grow and earn a reputation for its unique player benefits. Many of our fiat competitors are now accepting bitcoin and regulators are beginning to see bitcoin as a trustworthy and viable form of currency. We’re very fortunate to have earned an established spot in this industry and we hope see more players be introduced to the space.

Carlos: The more noise we all make about the benefits of cryptocurrency gaming, the more mainstream traction we’ll see.

BC: Why are you using bitcoin as the medium for betting? What are the benefits of bitcoin in your industry?

Carlos: Bitcoin offers a degree of flexibility for our players that other currencies simply can’t. As bitcoin grows as a payment tool, it’s going to become easier and easier to use, and it’s here where we are hope to see a semblance of mainstream acceptance for bitcoin gaming because as mentioned above, the benefits for the players are obvious.

BC: Why did you choose bitcoin and not another cryptocurrency? Are you planning to add some other cryptocurrencies?

Carlos: We chose bitcoin back in 2012 because it was the first real breakout cryptocurrency. As the space matures, we hope to bring on a more diverse range of cryptocurrencies […] dogecoin and litecoin to name a few. We always have our ear to the ground. zcash is exciting at the moment. We’re closely watching that as well.

BC: What plans do you have for the future (new features, growth)? Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Carlos: We really believe in our mantra, which describes Nitrogen as the ‘future of betting’. We constantly innovate new features and products; recent examples include improved live betting and roulette. The new year looks really exciting for us and we can’t wait to share what’s in our pipeline with Nitrogen’s users.

Bitcoin Betting
Nitrogen Sports recently added poker on their platform

Carlos: In 5 years, we hope to have strengthened our position as the top crypto sportsbook and casino, but we also hope that it will come with the added reward of an enhanced global understanding about Bitcoin and a much wider acceptance. We’re into Bitcoin for the long-run and we’re just as interested in making it succeed as any other crypto venture.

What do you think about Nitrogen Sports? Ready to bet? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Nitrogen Sports

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