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Free Ross to Host 'The Trial I saw' Artwork Fundraiser is hosting a new fundraiser for Ross Ulbricht’s appeal. This fundraiser comes in the form of a game based on an original drawing by Ross, title, “The Trial I saw.” This drawing depicts Ross’ experience and reaction to his trial, which many believed was unfair.

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New Free Ross Fundraiser

Free RossIn this fundraising game, Ross’ original artwork will be hidden under a grid. Players can uncover the drawing one square at a time by paying $1 USD per square. After paying, players can click on a square, and that piece of the image will be revealed.

The game also has a fun feature that can benefit the players. Claims to one-gram gold bars are hidden under certain squares throughout the grid, and if a donor unlocks one of these squares, he or she will receive a gram of gold.

100% of the donations made to the FreeRoss campaign through the Trial I saw fundraiser will go towards Ross’ appeal.

Ross’ supporters will also have the chance to show their moral support during the game. Players can post messages to Ross while playing the game, lending words of support and encouragement as he awaits his appeal in prison.

About Ross Ulbricht

In early 2015, Ross Ulbricht was convicted of being the mastermind behind the infamous Silk Road darknet market. Although his charges were similar to those given to drug dealers in the physical world, the Court gave him a far more severe sentence than convicted drug offenders usually receive. The State chose to make an example out of Ross in an effort to deter entrepreneurs from combating the Drug War with Bitcoin, and hit him with a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Ross’ conviction and sentencing stood even in the face of proceeding developments that revealed the corruption involved in the Silk Road investigation. Shortly after Ross’ conviction, two federal agents who worked the Silk Road investigation plead guilty to stealing bitcoin from Silk Road accounts and laundering it into their own personal bank accounts.

The most unfortunate part of this series of events is that Ross’ defense lawyer knew about the actions of these corrupt agents during the Silk Road trial, but was prevented from using the evidence in court. In short, the Federal government suppressed evidence that could have dismissed Ross’ case because their determination to scare entrepreneurs and Bitcoiners into submission.

The State’s fear tactics have apparently failed, though, as the dark net drug industry flourished following Silk Road’s takedown. Silk Road 2.0 popped up approximately a month after the original market was closed by Federal officials. Then almost immediately after Silk Road 2.0 got shut down, Silk Road 3.0 stepped forward to take its place. Other darknet markets have risen as well, surpassing all three iterations of the Silk Road in terms of membership, activity, and revenue.

We at support Ross’ mother Lyn Ulbricht and her cause at the Free Ross campaign, believing that he was given an unfair trial, and that evidence that could have saved him was intentionally suppressed by the United States government. We hope the Bitcoin community will come together and participate in this fundraiser, so that Ross can have a better chance at securing his appeal.

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