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Free Ross-A-Thon Event Aims to Promote Freedom

Ross Ulbricht has been continuously fighting for his freedom, and to appeal his life sentence he received for operating a website. Ulbricht and his family have taken the case to the Court of Appeals by questioning the investigation, court proceedings, and ultimately the harsh sentencing. On 4th December from 2-10pm EST, many well-known liberty activists will gather for the “Free Ross-a-thon” to discuss why his case is so important to freedom.

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Fighting an ‘Enormous Miscarriage of Justice’

Many freedom activists have discussed the importance of the Ross Ulbricht case

In May of 2015, a judge sentenced Ross Ulbricht to life imprisonment without parole — for all non-violent charges. Since then, Ulbricht has been serving his time and appealing the court’s decision. Ulbricht’s defense, his family, and a great majority of people believe his court proceedings and sentence was unjust. “We believe this is an enormous miscarriage of justice,” the Ulbricht family stated.

So this December, Ulbricht’s family and supporters are hosting an event dedicated to raising awareness about the issues that surround the case. The Free Ross-a-thon also aims to raise $14,000 to pay off two appeal court bills. The fee for printing and binding of appeal documents alone is $13,667.90. The Free Ross-a-thon will help crowdfund these bills and draw attention to Ulbricht’s appeal. During the event, a vast array of innovators and thought leaders will also discuss the case’s importance for civil liberties.

Free Ross-A-Thon to Feature Eight Hours of Live Presentations

Hosts Terry Brock, Tatiana Moroz, and Lyn Ulbricht.

Hosting the event are Terry Brock, Tatiana Moroz, and Ross’ Mother Lyn Ulbricht. In addition, the Free Ross-a-thon will feature freedom activist Adam Kokesh, Deep Web director Alex Winter, director Angela Keaton, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson, radio show host Tom Woods, liberty author Doug Casey, and more.

“I believe a gigantic injustice has been committed with the jailing of Ross Ulbricht,” explained Casey. “Life without the possibility of parole amounts to a political sentence, worse than those meted out by the Soviet Union.”

“Ever since Ross was arrested three years ago, my family and I have been battling for his freedom. We haven’t just been fighting for Ross, and there are many bigger more important issues at play here than one man and one website. Ones that will impact all of us in the future,” Ulbricht added.

Along the way, we have been joined in our struggle by many brilliant, principled people. I’m thrilled to say that many of them will join me online on December 4 for the first ever Free Ross-a-thon to help raise funds and awareness and to share their insights and knowledge. They will tell you why this case is important.

Ross Ulbricht Case Highlights Internet Freedom and the Failing Drug War

The case against Ross Ulbricht has revealed much. It spotlighted crooked government officers, an appeal to emotion during the trial, and many signs of an unfair outcome. Furthermore, the case also shows how the FBI and other governmental agencies may be able to infiltrate American citizens’ data without a warrant. The Free Ross-a-thon will highlight the ongoing failures of the drug war, how the case affects our internet freedoms, privacy, and much more.

“This is going to be a really exciting informative event and a chance to hear from some brilliant people. Ross is so encouraged by it as are we, so please join us,” said Lyn Ulbricht.

People can register for free for the Free Ross-a-thon and for upcoming event updates. The Ulbricht family hopes everyone can join them, and the many innovators and activists who will speak in support of Ross.

Will you attend the Free Ross-a-thon? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via the Free Ross website, and Pixabay.

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