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Francesco Simonetti talks about HolyTransaction and why the wallet supports multicurrencies

HolyTransaction wallet CEO Francesco Simonetti recently spoke with Cointelegraph about the wallet service he helps run and why it’s different that most other wallets on the market.

Luxembourg based HolyTransaction is a bitcoin wallet that is designed for non-technical users. Users can send and receive cryptocurrencies from the wallet or over social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only does the wallet support bitcoin, but it supports all other major cryptocurrencies like etheruem, litecoin, dash, and many others.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Simonetti talked about his past bitcoin projects, such as co-founding AssoBit, Crypto College Network Italy, and Bitcoin Foundation Italy. Simonetti said in the interview,

“In 2013 I took off on my adventure in the Bitcoin ecosystem following the Bitcoin Meetup in Rome, I have always looked for exciting opportunities. Very early in my life, I promoted and organized electronic music events. Later, I conducted multiple projects producing music. I began to have an interest in cryptocurrencies and started HolyTransaction because it strengthens the underprivileged in a quick, safe and independent way.”

Simonetti outlined why HolyTransaction is different than other wallets, mainly because it’s a universal wallet. The selling point is that if you have multiple cryptocurrencies, you typically end up having to manage multiple wallets for each one, which can be a time consuming task. With HolyTransaction, since it supports many cryptocurrencies, the task of managing many wallets is removed where users can just log into one wallet and toggle between them in one user interface making the experience much easier.

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There are additional features to the wallet, which is discussed in the article. At the time of this publishing, HolyTransaction is a fairly well rated wallet by the bitcoin community. Current ratings are 3.08 out of 5 stars, ranking it within the top ten bitcoin wallets on the market.'
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