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Founder and CEO Aaron Voisine says that Breadwallet is coming soon to Android

Aaron Voisine is the founder and CEO of the bitcoin wallet app Breadwallet, which has become popular among the bitcoin community due to it’s ease of use and has gained a decent following from its users.

The wallet app has been historically only available on Apple iOS devices via iTunes. And in a reddit post today, Voisine said that Breadwallet is coming to the Android platform and is in need of beta testers.

Breadwallet is a standalone client, meaning it uses bitcoin SPV to quickly download the blockchain for faster performance. Breadwallet uses AES wallet encryption, the iOS keychain and code signatures to help secure your funds within the app. Breadwallet also allows users to use a single backup phrase to restore their wallets.

In the post from Voisine, he wrote:

We’ve made a commitment to you, to never release a product that we feel exposes users to risk of malware theft. Android M (Marshmallow) introduces several new critical security features that make it suitable for securing digital cash, including verified boot chain and hardware encrypted keystore on all devices. Breadwallet connects directly to the bitcoin network (no servers to get hacked or go down) and stores secret keys in the phone’s hardware-encrypted keystore, and now we’re bringing this same level of simplicity and security to Android! Breadwallet for Android is ready for beta testing.

Voisine went on to say that if you have an Android device running Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and are interested in testing out the app, please send an e-mail to to let them know if you would like to be an Android beta tester.

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Breadwallet is one of many bitcoin wallets on the market, scoring in the highest ranking list (currently 3.15 out of 5) with other bitcoin wallets such as Airbitz, Blockchain, and Mycelium. Breadwallet also recently made our Spring 2016 Top Rated Bitcoin Wallets report.'
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