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The First Russian Language Bitcoin Documentary

The first Russian Bitcoin documentary filmed by the television crew, Govorit I Pokazivaet (Speaking And Showing), shows the world cryptocurrency perspectives from the region. The film is meant to educate the general public of Russia about the digital currency. However, the company had issues with its sponsors but just recently retained all the rights to the film. The project is the first comprehensive documentary ever made in a Russian language and paid for entirely in bitcoins.

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2015-08-27-17-31-01-d181d0bad180d0b8d0bdd188d0bed182-d18dd0bad180d0b0d0bdd0b0The plot is a story of a Russian Bitcoin miner who has been in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since its inception but also offers a lot of additional content. Producer, Alexander Bezzubtsev had filmed the documentary for almost a year with Russian economists, the Prosecutor’s office, and activists from the Ukraine and surrounding countries. Within the landscape of this film, it documents an ordinary Bitcoin miner and his history with the digital currency during its early days. The film also has an Interview with venture capitalist, Roger Ver, and includes many Russian residents throughout. Its intent is to cast light on “what money is” and show the world through Russian cameras the importance of Bitcoin.

img_0111The documentary offers various hypotheses on the nature of cryptocurrencies with many members of the Russian community and abroad. Scholars, economists, mining businesses and crypto-executives grace the film to give an in-depth look at the digital money that’s changing their world. The television crew is soliciting donations so they can add different languages and present it at film festivals. The developers of the movie are always in search for trending topics to document and Bitcoin was a proven winner. The film was meant for the Federal channel broadcasts however over time the channel refused to show it. Producer, Alexander Bezzubtsev said:

“We believe, they didn’t risk running a documentary favorable to Bitcoin, due to political climate in Russia. The sensitive subject has too much politics and economics involved. One wrong word in the script could cause political problems for responsible VGTRK managers. So they decided to kill the project.”

2015-08-27-17-28-04-d181d0bad180d0b8d0bdd188d0bed182-d18dd0bad180d0b0d0bdd0b0The producers believe the movie will reach many viewers across the great continent and will be released on a Russian Bitcoin site called Bitnovosti. Govorit I Pokazivaet have already gotten a lot of feedback and requests having brought the film to a wider audience. The plot unravels the story of the ordinary Russian miner and his cryptocurrency surroundings including the infamous Mt. Gox. Its gives viewers a sense of how the digital currency works with its history.

Govorit I Pokazivaet producers hope to shed light in the area with what they call “the great phenomenon Bitcoin”. They also want the world to know this is the first Russian film about Bitcoin entirely in its native language. It’s also a film about cryptocurrency paid for with… guessed it, Bitcoin!! Which Bezzubtsev feels is a first of its kind, as many other documentary’s abroad are filmed with fiat funding. The producers both feel that so far they’ve tackled the brunt of the mission and now are moving forward to let millions of Russians and global audiences know about virtual money.

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