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FinTechEDU | Financial Giants Flock To Blockchain Technology, While Employees Left Clueless?

The underlying technology of bitcoin called, ‘the blockchain’ has disrupted & rocked the foundation of traditional finance to its very core! It seems mainstream media is reporting financial institution’s adoption of blockchain technology in nanoseconds. Only months ago many of these same outfits were opposed to change labeling the bitcoin community, ‘An underground group of criminals, geeks & misfits.’

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Amid diverse opinion mainstream venture capital continues to flow through this market from financial giants such as; Capital One Financial, Citi Ventures, NASDAQ, VISA & others ‘solidifying’ the advancement of blockchain technology within the financial sector. 

Problem… I recently spoke with a ‘highly’ recognized banker from Citi clueless to her employers involvement in blockchain technology? Later, I met with a money manager also with Citi who first heard of bitcoin/blockchain during our meeting? The guy manages $500M USD yet light years behind informationConclusion…

‘financial institutions alike are in serious need of fintech educational DEVELOPMENT, resources & tools for employees who are frontline engaging with THEIR CONSUMERs.’

CitibankBanks have gotten very lax with conventional means of operation & security while many employed by them seem ‘oblivious’ to change & innovation going on all around them. Banks severe need for blockchain awareness & education leaves a huge void for community members to fill via FinTechEDU initiatives.

Solution… EDUCATION! The bitcoin/blockchain academic sector is ‘exploding’ with many prestigious global colleges adoptingembracing & teaching this technology as a bonafide class or course. Canada McGill University, University of Cumbria, Cyprus’ University of Nicosia, Duke University, Imperial College, London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University, Pompeu Fabra University, Simon Fraser University, Canada & others’ are laying the initial foundation of blockchain curriculums & digital lab type workshops for future generations to come.

We are building a digital economy & education is ‘key’ to ‘adoption through understanding’, if not, we are vulnerable to mistakes of the past.

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