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Finance is for Lovers

Financial topics are generally unpleasant. They bore people. They kill excitement and cause a yawn reflex. These fields are also bogged down by esoteric math and jargon. There is nothing sexy about them—but there is something more nefarious at work. These topics cause anxiety because of the way the current system is setup and because of how most people feel about their personal finances. The structure of the system is built on a debt, and likewise most participants are mired in it. Discussing these ideas is not something that people fantasize and dream about. They just get confused and panic, so they repress the discussion.

Bitcoin is the Antidepressant of Money

Crypto-finance is changing this desperate situation. People can now enjoy finances and financial topics. They want to learn more about it. They can feel that their money is valuable. The emergence of cryptocurrency has made this possible, especially through Bitcoin, which offers fun and excitement. It is based on sound money and a sound payment system. It incites potential for innovation. But above all, it is not debt based. Bitcoin encourages happiness.

This happens because of Bitcoin’s programming. Bitcoin is decentralized and not controlled by a group of actors who can manipulate it and confuse people. Bitcoin spurs incentive to learn about its protocol and creation process. Since there is no authority confusing people with complex ramblings on a fiat system, Bitcoin beginners can rely on their own judgment and knowledge. They will actually want to venture out and gain comprehension. This fuels the discovery process, and thus people begin to manage their finances without anxiety and fear.

The Bitcoin platform is open source and transparent, too. Anyone can alter it so long as the network unanimously agrees on the change. This is ultimate democratization of finance. This simple idea sets the precedent for an enjoyable financial world, because people do not have to feel like slaves to money. They can feel free to alter the system through a process of consensus, or they can simply create their own cryptocurrency to compete for space. The current financial system is built on financial totalitarianism, where only a few currencies in a given region are heralded as the only viable option, and other currencies are potentially made illegal.

The other exiting property of Bitcoin it is its deflationary nature. Since fiat currency is debt dependent, and can be printed at will, people do not consider saving it. This makes them unhappy. Bitcoin, however, is based on a protocol that sets a limit on how many units can be put into the ecosystem, which is precisely 21 million. So people know for a fact it is valuable. This incentivizes savings. This denotes that Bitcoin is the antidepressant of money.

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Bitcoin Gets all the Gals

It is just crazy fun learning about Bitcoin, because people know their money belongs to them and represents value. It also spurs interest in all areas of financial technology. Fiat money was just boring. It didn’t do anything to engage interest.
Fiat money is like the guy at the bar who won’t go talk to the woman because of fear that he is not valuable enough. Bitcoin doesn’t care, though. Bitcoin is brazen because he knows he has more class and sophistication, yet he also knows he is smarter and charismatic. This means the girls will want to get involved with him immediately. They just like guys who have more value and seem to grow more vigorously, and who will be worth it in the long run. Fiat is the guy who is burned out and has a horrible job anyway. Thus, Bitcoin gets all the gals.

A New Kind of Person

The aforesaid reasons are why society will start seeing a new breed of person emerge. This individual will be the kind of person who wants to hold money. This person will stake his life on it. It will be the kind of person who feels monetary freedom, and has interest in all areas of finance. This will not be a person who is burdened by debt, and taught that money is evil from an early age. This type of person will be a potential entrepreneur, and who will have a real grasp of economics.

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This won’t occur because people had to teach him money, especially in the humdrum and boring way that it has been taught. It will be because he was brought forward in a different kind of economic age, where money is truly scarce, and it is something to be appreciative and respectful of. This is the person of the future, a person who will truly enjoy finance…maybe even love it.

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