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Feed 7 Different Species at the River Forest Farm’s 'Bitcoin Cash Zoo'

Back in October, members of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community discussed feeding chickens with mealworms over the internet from remote locations using BCH microtransactions. Now BCH users can provide food for horses, baby goats, roosters and more using River Forest Farm’s livestream and pay for feed using bitcoin cash.

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The BCH Zoo: Feed 7 Different Species With Bitcoin Cash

Feed 7 Different Species at the River Forest Farm’s 'Bitcoin Cash Zoo'Bitcoin Cash fans thought it was pretty cool when Spencer Lambert (Redpepper261) created a mealworm dispenser that could feed chickens after the machine had received a payment of BCH. The owner of the chicken coop used a candy machine designed by the firm Iozeta which dispenses candy or literally anything that will fit through the chute after a payment is broadcast. Now the website, called the Bitcoin Cash Zoo, not only shows Lambert’s chicken coop, but visitors can also interact with baby goats, horses, bunnies, ducks, and geese. Visitors who happen to stumble on the virtual BCH petting zoo are greeted by a message that states:  

Feed River Forest Farm’s Baby Goats and more using bitcoin cash.   

Feed 7 Different Species at the River Forest Farm’s 'Bitcoin Cash Zoo'
Lambert’s live feed and chicken coops are decorated with Xmas ornaments and lights.

All of the live streams are hosted on the streaming website Twitch, and each window explains how much is needed to dispense feed to the animals. For instance, you can feed the baby goats using the BCH address written in the video description or scan the QR code located on the top left of the streaming window screen. The dispenser works with zero-confirmation transactions, so almost immediately after the BCH payment broadcasts on the network, the animal’s feed is dispensed through the chute. Depending on when you visit the BCH zoo, it may be too late to feed the farm animals if they are sleeping. The live streams also detail what time you can see the animals moving around the farm pens, which is typically around 7:20 a.m. MST.

Feed 7 Different Species at the River Forest Farm’s 'Bitcoin Cash Zoo'

A Simple Idea Could Bring Limitless Innovation

The farm’s ‘Dash Ducks’ not only accept bitcoin cash, but visitors can feed the ducks and geese with dash, smartcash, and the other animals can be fed with litecoin as well. Just watching the farm online can be amusing, as sometimes you can get a glimpse of Lambert, his dogs and other wildlife moving around in the video too. There’s plenty of noise throughout the stream after feeding some of the animals as the chickens will cluck like crazy and the geese honk when the dispenser releases the food.

Feed 7 Different Species at the River Forest Farm’s 'Bitcoin Cash Zoo'
The ‘Dash Ducks’ can be fed using dash, smartcash and bitcoin cash as well.

The Bitcoin Cash community are enjoying the fact they can feed seven different species using BCH. And even though the concept of feeding farm animals from a remote location is quite simple, the idea could inspire further microtransaction innovation. With bitcoin cash, any type of philanthropic cause and literally anything can be funded in a matter of minutes from anywhere in the world. 

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash Zoo? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Twitter, Twitch, and the Bitcoin Cash Zoo website. 

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