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Education Initiatives Increase Bitcoin Adoption

Educational initiatives aimed at minimizing Bitcoin adoption resistance are on the way. For example, RSK is developing a specific learning program to address decision makers’ educational needs, as well as a blockchain program geared to address technicians’ needs. Moreover, jointly with Funzi, RSK is planning to provide Bitcoin technology education on mobile devices.

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Bitcoin’s rate of adoption increases as decision-makers, software developers, business leaders, and the general public become better acquainted with the virtues of the cryptocurrency. Thus, education related to Bitcoin and its blockchain technology is critical to increase and sustain its global adoption.

Academia and individuals using social media are developing programs and tools to provide instruction on Bitcoin technology. The business world, especially businesses focusing on cryptocurrencies, is also developing amazing educational initiatives.

Bitcoin Mobile Learning Services

Bitcoin.com_Funding RSK LabsA Bitcoin user requires at least some basic understanding of what Bitcoin is.

The more an individual becomes familiar with the complexities and virtues of the cryptocurrency, the more likely he or she is to embrace Bitcoin and benefit from the opportunities it offers.

Courses focusing on Bitcoin technology are flourishing as the value of the cryptocurrency continues its upward trend, according to

Additionally, the number of tools and teaching resources is increasing. Soon, millions will be able to learn about Bitcoin and its blockchain technology using their mobile phones.

In effect, RSK University and Funzi are joining forces to deliver educational material on blockchain and smart contracts via mobile devices, through the Funzi’s mobile learning app. This will probably be one of the first distributed ledger technology (DLT) training courses delivered to your hand.

RSK University is a platform to study smart contract and blockchain technology. Fuzi is a prominent Finnish company providing mobile learning services.

The partnership will expand the universe of resources available to people who want to learn about the cryptocurrency technology.

“We truly believe in the need of breaking down the concepts behind these technologies and their benefits for people to start adopting it,” stated Henry Sraigman, Head of Business Development at RSK.

RSK and Funzi also see huge opportunities to empower people in the developing world. Specifically, Funzi and RSK, through its Ambassador University programs, are already exploring synergies to deliver educational programs in Africa.

The RSK University will be launched sometime in September 2017, according to Sraigman.

University Educational Resources

Princeton University

Educational resources to learn about the cryptocurrency and its technology keep on growing.

Several colleges and universities have long ago recognized the importance of Bitcoin. They have been developing and delivering courses on Bitcoin for several years. For example, New York University started delivering courses in 2014. Princeton University created one of the most popular courses, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, which is delivered online through Coursera.

Social Media as a Bitcoin Educational Tool

Hundreds of articles and academic papers are being published daily. Meetups, conferences, and workshops are being organized all over the world, while even more information is divulged via social media.

Bitcoin education via social media also continues to gain momentum. For example, Youtube provides Bitcoin educational content reaching millions of people throughout the world.

These videos provide information to the beginners as well as to the sophisticated Bitcoin user. To minimize Bitcoin adoption resistance, communication and education are critical. Therefore, it is encouraging to note how many resources are available to boost Bitcoin’s rate of adoption.

What do you think about minimizing Bitcoin adoption resistance through education? Let us know in the comments below.

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