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€140,000 Tesla Bought for Bitcoin in Finland

The most expensive Bitcoin sale involving a luxury vehicle took place in Finland last week. The Auto-outlet Helsinki Oy located in Tampere and Vantaa sold a Tesla with the digital currency for a retail price of over € 140,000. As mainstream media calls the virtual money dead, people are still able to use it to move wealth around and buy prestigious looking cars.   

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Buying Cars in Finland With Bitcoin

FinlandThe Finland-based Auto-outlet takes pride in offering luxury vehicles that provide customers quality and style. Now the business is also traveling down the high-tech world by offering its clientele the ability to purchase cars with bitcoins. The company uses Bitcoinkaupat.com, a payment processor that connects merchants to the digital currency through BitPay. The service states via its website, “Remove your transaction fees and accept bitcoin safely in euros.” Bitcoinkaupat CEO Aleksi Vitakoski says Auto-outlet is one of the company’s unique customers stating:

“Auto-Outlet Helsinki Oy is definitely one of the most interesting customers of ours. It’s great to see how open-minded attitude towards innovations can produce growth in the traditional sectors.”

FinlandFinland’s cryptocurrency publication Bittiraha.fi Henry Brade says, “Bitcoin usage is increasing all the time, and even larger payments are already normal.” Auto-outlet is very used to dealing with bigger financing than usual car dealers selling vehicles like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and the electric Teslas. Auto-Outlet Helsinki Oy Director Miika Toivonen believes that any dealer can use the cryptocurrency for sales whether luxury or lower cost vehicles. Toivonen says, “even if the business is concentrated in the more expensive segment cars, bitcoins can be used to purchase cheaper premium cars.”

The director says that Auto-Outlet Helsinki Oy wants to lead the car sales market with this innovation. Toivonen explains:

“The world is changing rapidly, and we want to be ahead of the game, that’s why we started the sale of a Tesla and other electric cars years ago. In this frame of reference, it is natural that we wanted to be also the first BTC’s payments accepting car dealership here in Finland.”

It seems millions of dollars, euros, and yuan are being moved through the BTC protocol every day and still have the purchasing power to buy a nice car. Auto-outlet is pleased to make history selling this Tesla for the digital currency and hopes other sales services in the region will follow its lead. The team says, “some argue that Bitcoin is failed experiment, but the facts tell another story.”

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