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E-Coin Rebrands to Wirex: 2-Way Bitcoin Debit Card Announced

Bitcoin debit cards bring more usability and functionality to those looking to spend digital currency at millions of locations around the world. E-coin, one of the leading Bitcoin debit card providers, has rebranded to Wirex, giving the company a more professional appeal to stand out among a sea of competitors.

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Wirex: Drive Your Money

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The primary goal of companies such as Wirex – formerly known as E-Coin – is to create hybrid financial solutions between traditional finance and digital currencies. Although a lot of people don’t see Bitcoin debit cards as a final solution to make spending bitcoin more accessible, there has been a growing demand for this type of service.

Rebranding the company to Wirex will have a major impact on the end user, and it will strengthen the company’s image as a professional service offering personal banking solutions to people all over the world. Combining the benefits of distributed ledger technology with traditional finance creates a hybrid solution digital currency enthusiasts can thoroughly enjoy.

Many people have touted Bitcoin and distributed ledger technology as the perfect solution to bring financial services to underbanked regions of the world. Wirex is one of the service providers in this field, as they aim to close the gap between traditional and digital currencies for everyday consumers and purposes. The company stated:

There will be no changes to E-Coin users – all bitcoin debit card services will continue as normal and will not be affected during the integration process. We will continually update our users via email, and our customer service support will be happy to answer any questions.

One of the features E-Coin users have been asking for for quite some time was a mobile application. Now that the company has rebranded to Wirex, the launch of their mobile application is one of the first milestones to reach. Mobile banking through the Wirex app will become one of the possibilities while focusing on Bitcoin rather than traditional currencies.

Moreover, two-way debit cards will be coming to Wirex users as well. Instead of using a Bitcoin debit card to fund with digital currency and spend as fiat currency, the new cards will support funding through fiat currency and spend the balance as Bitcoin as well. This on-demand type of currency conversion could certainly boost the digital currency ecosystem.

Last but not least, Wirex wants to eliminate cross-border fee payments for money transfers, as well as the inconvenience associated with visiting brick-and-mortar locations to make these payments. Wirex debit cards transcend country borders and can be used in millions of shops and bank ATMs around the world.

Why the Rebrand Was Needed

Bitcoin.com_E-Coin Rebranding Wirex Bitcoin

All of the above sounds good on paper, but some people might be questioning why this rebranding was needed. E-coin has seen its fair share of success, by servicing over 100,000 customers in more than 130 countries around the world. What is even more impressive is how the Bitcoin startup achieved all of this within the first year of operation.

Wirex Limited Co-Founder Dmitry Lazarichev explained:

Due to our expertise in the field, our team was able to offer additional services to both Bitcoin and non-Bitcoin community, so we decided to rebrand E-Coin into Wirex. Wirex is much more than a Bitcoin debit card. We felt the name reflects what we want it to be.

Rather than offering the Bitcoin debit card as a stand-alone service, Wirex can now offer a comprehensive personal banking system for customers all over the world. By focusing on convenience, speed, and security, the company is ramping up the competition and taking aim at legacy financial institutions.

What are your thoughts on the transition from E-Coin into Wirex? Are you excited about these new features? Let us know in the comments below!

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