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Dual Blockchain Token MobileGo Raises $4.5M First 4 Hours of Crowdsale

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MobileGo, a cryptocurrency aiming to bring smart contract technologies to the world of mobile gaming, raised $4.5 million dollars after 4 hours of funding. The coin is backed by an experienced team of game and blockchain developers and will help fund the first crypto-based mobile game store.

With an impressive start, the MobileGo crowdsale raised $4.5 million dollars after 4 hours of its launch. The crowdsale will last four weeks, with different discounts for each week of investments. A minimum of 50% of funds raised will be used to market the GameCredits Mobile Store, where 10% of store profit goes to buying back and burning MobileGo. The remaining 50% of funds raised will be used for building MobileGo technologies, legal fees, team expansion, and gamification of the mobile platform. With these funds the team hopes to popularize the mobile store and create a competitive mobile gaming ecosystem.

MobileGo is a dual blockchain cryptocurrency using Waves and Ethereum, aiming to bring smart contract technologies to the world of mobile gaming. These technologies include a virtual item exchange, player run wager tournaments, and player to player wager matchplay. They will exist on the GameCredits Mobile Store, a demo of which was released last week. MobileGo and GameCredits share a symbiotic relationship. GAME is the single coin used for in-game purchases, while MobileGo offers more ways for gamers to interact with their favorite games. Both coins are used for unique purposes and together will maximize user experience and interactivity on the mobile store.

When asked why a second token was developed, Sergey Sholom, GameCredits VP of Business Operations and VP of Operations at MobileGo said, “GameCredits has been built to scale with the vast number of payments made in the gaming industry, however, it cannot use smart contracts. Creating MobileGo allows us to use smart contracts to solve several problems in the mobile gaming industry, while also expanding the market potential of the GameCredits Mobile Store. Together the two coins will create a mobile gaming experience where gamers can win money by playing their favorite games.”

The GameCredits Mobile Store will greatly affect MobileGo. As more gamers join the store due to marketing, the mobile platform will begin to have greater profits generated by in-game payments. As stated early, 10% of all profit will then go to buying back MobileGo from investors quarterly. The gamers on the mobile store will also be the target audience of MobileGo’s smart contract technologies, furthering demand for the token. The team behind GameCredits is also running the MobileGo crowdsale. Week one investors can enjoy a 15% discount on all currencies, with an additional 7% discount if they invest with GAME.

The MobileGo crowdsale represents one of the greatest opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency. Not only does the project have an experienced team of game and blockchain developers, but it is also targeting a rapidly growing 50-billion-dollar industry, with a product launching shortly after the crowdsale ends. Gamers using MobileGo and the GameCredits Store can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology, without having to understand it. The funds raised will go to acquiring these gamers, bringing mainstream adoption to the MobileGo and GameCredits ecosystem.

Virtual currency investors looking for the latest information on the MobileGo can register and join the crowdfund here: https://mobilego.io/

About GameCredits, Inc.:
GameCredits delivers blockchain-based products to the gaming industry. Founded in 2016, GameCredits allows game developers to accept the gamecredits cryptocurrency (GAME) to securely purchase existing in-game items without the inconvenience and cost of traditional banking and payment alternatives. Users can purchase GAME directly inside their own GameCredits wallet for USD, Euro and bitcoin, as well as on major exchanges globally, including Bittrex and Poloniex.

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