Dark Net Market Vendors Reveal Their Day-to-Day Lives on Reddit

The subject of Dark Net Markets (DNM) is considered taboo, and people often wonder how these markets operate from the inside. So, on September 16, a person decided to ask on the subreddit r/darknetmarkets what a day in the life of a DNM vendor was like. A few vendors decided to share their personal anecdotes on life as a dark net drug dealer.

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The Life and Times of ‘Vendurr’ a DNM Seller

OpSecDNM usage is on the rise, and the economy is significantly larger since the inception of the original Silk Road. On Friday, a few vendors shared their experiences of what it’s like to participate in these shadow markets.

One commenter, named “Vendurr” used a Reddit “burner account” to explain his day-to-day operations.

Vendurr says he makes roughly $200-300 thousand a year and is a one-man operation. His average day begins with waking up whenever he wants to, logging on and checking orders. In his “real life,” he says he’s a pretty honest and social person but has to keep his business a secret. He drives a “shitty car” and never tells people where he lives, believing this is the best opsec practice.

Typically, Vendurr keeps a week’s worth of product in his home but hopes that will change soon. He says at first he never tested his product but began using  lately to stay “normal.” As far as the business aspect goes, he says he deals with some pretty “gangster people” and re-ups can be scary. When it comes to shipping out product, he says he takes his job very seriously. Venduur explains:

As far as selling you have to treat EVERY package with equal care. Someone who orders a $5 order could be more prone to negative feedback then a $1000 order and our feedback means EVERYTHING to us. I actually think great feedback is the best compliment someone can give me. This basically means stealth and shipping speed. I ship every order in a 24 hour window of when the customer places it, i’m constantly checking for new orders then ill go around town and drop them in blue boxes. Dropping off 15 packages is a great feeling, your work for the day is done.

Another ‘Throw Away Account’ Joins the Conversation

Darknet drugsAn additional vendor with a throwaway account gave his view. This particular vendor shared similar experiences as Vendurr, but makes roughly 150K per year. He’s been vending for three years and sells LSD, DMT, ketamine, cocaine and MDMA. The vendor says his job is pretty much the life and gives him a lot of free time to be a musician.

Currently spending the money is not really a problem as most of it is under the table. He believes in the future, though, spending the funds to purchase larger items like a house or a car may prove difficult. He has a lot of friends who’ve successfully “paid for college, grad school, and are off to become geniuses to save the world.”

The vendor also detailed that his DNM work is very meticulous and packaging is an art, stating:     

Every package needs to be treated perfectly, addressed perfectly, double checked twice, and labeled just right to look professional. When you’re sending packages of enough LSD to Thailand/Indonesia that someone could be put in jail for 20-40, it really matters getting it right.

Quality Products Over Riches

DarknetLastly, Vendor_BBMC — who explained his Reddit account is legit, and he has nothing to hide minus his location, shared his thoughts. Vendor_BBMC said he earns roughly 20% of what Vendurr makes. This entails operating seven days a week and every holiday for years. Nobody is allowed to visit his home and over time he’s pushed away a lot of friends.

Vendor_BBMC says vending is incredibly easy but making the meth he sells is the most difficult part. He explained, “a typical batch takes 4 to 6 days due mainly to the many purification steps.” The vendor details he will never expand his production in order to become rich but offers the most luxurious product on the markets.

Many of the experiences shared by the vendors show the job can be stressful. Most of the stress comes from hiding their identities and keeping a good opsec. Some of them are making significant salaries while others don’t care about the money. Some just want to offer a quality “Ferrari” like product that is superior to what’s found on the streets.

Much like eBay’s model customer feedback is a big deal, packaging is even more important. Being able to work for themselves gives these vendors the opportunity to do what they want and possibly save for a more legitimate future.

DNM life for vendors doesn’t seem to be slowing up anytime soon with the rise in popularity of these markets. Although stressful at times, vendors are making their work worthwhile and every one of them takes their position seriously.

What do you think about the day to day lives of DNM vendors? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: r/darknetmarkets

Images via Shutterstock, and Pixabay.

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  • Jean-Mouloud

    Be careful. You’re implying that dark nets are used mostly (if not only) for illegal activities such as drugs.
    But it’s not. It’s protecting users privacy regardless of the activity.

    • Sergio Farias


    • Inkswitch

      The fact that drugs are still considered illegal is baffling. Just legalise the lot already and not only will you empty the prisons in under a week, you’ll have a massive source of now-legal tax revenue

  • Interesting. I’m not interested in drugs, but I would sure like to have a device that gives my family a lifetime of energy; I have been hoping to find real docs on building zero-point energy devices, earth batteries, carousels and the like. Even steemit is lacking a section on the build plans and parts lists for these. Also, other suppressed info like saser’s, quantum locking and of course anti-gravity instructions 🙂

  • The interesting part is the seriousness of people doing this activity.
    The fact many of them are small operations show how it will always be difficult for the government’s thugs (law enforcers) to contrast them. Small operations allow better opsec and every one of them is a small target for the police. In many cases it is a target not worth the hassle to pursue because it is too work for the results.

    Vendor_BBMC is an interesting case: he is a small producer selling directly to the public.
    As technology improve we should be able to see an increase of people able to produce good stuff directly at home without leaving a large footprint (not big electric bills, not snow free roof in winter (from the waste heat produced).

  • Bo joe

    “began using lately to stay “normal.” i will add this comment, ” never get high on your own supply”

  • Bo joe

    “Some of them are making significant salaries while others don’t care about the money” Ahhhh…yes, the pure joy of distributing meth and crack is a reward of it’s own…..hahahahahahahaha.

  • Jim Colter

    P T Barnum was right.