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Direct Relief and ChangeTip Providing Vitamins For Women In Need

Direct Relief is a charity organization based out of California. The nonprofit is recognized by the IRS and has been operating since 2001. After the Nepal earthquake Direct Relief was persuaded by redditors to accept Bitcoin. The service has and learned quite a bit since they started. From saving money in fees to instant transactions, Direct Relief knows that Bitcoin is the answer.

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“100 percent of their donation – no matter its size – should count” — Direct Relief

DR_Logo_CMYK_2400x648Recently an with an initiative with ChangeTip, Direct Relief is working to help expecting mothers in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The charity hopes to provide 2,000 pregnant women get prenatal vitamins they need. In many parts of the world where resources are limited access to medicine and supplies are not readily available. In developing countries the nutrition of females is at risk due to the lack societal and cultural health related services. Addressing these issues is no easy task for these women. Many are left without the nutritional value they need for childbearing. The expectancy can be tragic and lead to death without the proper nutrition.

Capture-600x223Over 200 million become pregnant every year a great majority of them are coming from developing nations. Many women who are expecting have nutritional deficiencies in their everyday lives. The appalling reality is that not only does this affect the female individually, but as a community as well. Studies suggest that the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women coming from third world regions consume only two-thirds of the recommended nutritional diet. Often times this is less than two thirds depending on access to resources in the area. Many micronutrient deficiencies include the lack of iron and vitamin B12. Access to prenatal vitamins gives women in developing countries the chance to bear children without tragedy. With improvement us health care in recent years the coverage in third world countries are widely inaccessible. Women are often left to go without or depend on volunteer medicine. A majority of the global female population is at risk from sickness and malnutrition.

“Every two minutes, a woman dies from pregnancy and childbirth complications. Micronutrient deficiencies are a leading cause. But you can make a difference. With just a bottle of vitamins.”

— Direct Relief

8e267a3f80f9ef63fa3cc9e42daca898Direct Relief believes prenatal vitamins have proven to be a “cost-effective, and recommended protocol for pregnant women.”  The nonprofit details the cost of a nine-months supply of these vitamins only cost five dollars or 0.02 BTC. Still with this small cost to manufacture and supply this nutritional resource multitudes of women go without. With the compounded limited access to medical service delivery, females have an issue while bearing children throughout their pregnancy. Direct Relief wants to take action and help battle malnutrition in these developing regions offering women the supply of vitamins they need. When women are granted access to this inclusion of medicine life expectancy of newborns gets better over time. Direct Relief is focusing its efforts on providing these ladies with vitamins for their pregnancy with the help of cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin community.

“ Healthy mothers and babies lead to stronger communities and a brighter future for all. Direct Relief’s Prenatal Vitamin Program helps deliver the micronutrients that women and infants in the developing world need to stay healthy: iron, folate, vitamin A, and iodine.”

— Direct Relief

women2Now and through August 26 you can donate to Direct Relief and Changetip to help their cause. The goals mission is to provide 2,000 women from Liberia and Sierra Leone the prenatal vitamins they need. The mission statement is “ Give a Bit. Help a Lot.” telling how easy it is to send micropayments of Bitcoin to help this goal. The cost of the nine-month supply for an individual woman is very minimal and Direct Relief believes that each donation could provide them with the nutritional care they need. Donations to the nonprofit have already reached over 8BTC and continues to accumulate as this is being written. With donation funds the community with the help of Direct Relief and ChangeTip can stop childbirth death and impaired children. The power of Bitcoin charity is showing its color once again. So far over 360 expecting females will receive prenatal vitamins and the cost effective action of Bitcoin makes this possible.  

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