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DEVgrants Receives $100K For Ethereum Developers

Back in April of 2015, a new program was added to the Ethereum community called DEVgrants. The idea is to enable funding for developers contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem, extend the codebase, and increase awareness of the platform to the general public. DEVgrants’ plan is to focus its priorities on projects that are currently in progress and just need a little more boost. Just recently’ the project announced that they have received $100K USD of additional funds to deploy this year thanks to a substantial donation.  


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Funding Ethereum Development

Ethereum found itself in the public eye quite a bit in the past year. Partnering up with the Microsoft Azure program and showing a lot of progression within the project. Its token system and turing complete blockchain technology is providing innovation to the fintech arena. There are so many projects under the hood using this protocol and developers, and teams are spread out globally. A lot of these projects were revealed and discussed at the Ethereum DEVCON1 Event this past November. Projects like the Ethereum computer, smart contract applications and more were presented in London.

DEVgrants is ready to help push these new ideas and applications to the next level. The project is also not to be considered a business funding platform, but one that funds projects in tune with open source foundations and concepts that are “for public benefit.”  The website notes that it is not a venture capital program, not a bounty, or a DApp seed funder. Overall, it is meant to bolster the Ethereum environment for the better. At DEVCON1, Wendell Davis gave a short presentation summarizing the projects they were to fund.

omise-paymentsNow the program has been granted a donation of $100K thanks to the payment gateway service Omise. The Bangkok-based business has been running its services since 2013 with a broad array of clientele. Omise considers itself a FinTech forerunner in the region and says, We are Thailand’s leading online payment gateway offering a wide range of processing solutions for any business need. Our endeavor is to provide the best online payment experience that works seamlessly on both the mobile and the web.” The company is a payment API that works on both desktop and mobile applications, allowing funds to be sent to its hosts. Omise is pleased to help the DEVgrant project and sees great opportunity with this technology. Jun Hasegawa, Omise CEO says:  

“We are honored by the opportunity to support the decentralization revolution, beginning with our contribution that will restart the Ethereum ÐΞVgrants program.”  

13762915615_acf42dd43dDEVgrants is happy to receive such a generous donation from the Thailand FinTech firm. They hope the gift will ensure and encourage active Ethereum endeavors and they have thanked Omise for their “gesture of goodwill in this space.” Ethereum’s protocol is getting a lot of developers in on the action and giant tech companies alike. The project which seemed to have a bumpy start with the Frontier release appears to be operating a lot smoother, and confidence with investors is growing stronger.   

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