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Denver Hosts 2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference

Editor’s Note (August 18, 2016, 11:38 PM EST): This article has been updated for factual accuracy.

The Crypto Cannabis Conference is holding its second annual conference in Denver, Colorado — where cannabis is legalized for recreational use.

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Crypto Cannabis Conference Comes to Colorado

ccc2016The cannabis industry is growing exponentially in the U.S., and this year many states are on the path to legalize marijuana. With this economy now budding, many Bitcoin entrepreneurs want to combine both industries together to make things more prosperous for both markets.

Hosted in Denver Colorado on October 21-22, the Crypto Cannabis Conference organized by Robert Stephan will be gracing the Rocky Mountain landscape once again. The purpose of the event is to facilitate collaborative efforts towards the Bitcoin and cannabis industries.

This year’s conference will have a variety of speakers and sponsors from both sectors detailing the benefits and negative applications of both economies combining forces.The Crypto Cannabis Conference speakers include Mycelium Product Manager, Dmitry “Rassah” Murashchik; Founder and President of BitAML Inc., Joe Ciccolo; and Medicinal Genomics Researcher.

The event is also sponsored by the Cannabis Community Project, Canna Investor Magazine, Chronic Lifestyle Magazine, and more sponsors and speakers will also be added in the next few weeks. Entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry will also receive free registration to the event.

Last year’s Crypto Cannabis event was a great success with a slew of speakers such as angel investor and Bitcoin.com CEO, Roger Ver, Agricultural Genomics Foundation President, Dr. Daniela Vergara, and a broad array of industry innovators from both markets.

The Crypto Cannabis Conference has also brought fintech together with cannabis at other events such as the CannaCon Conference in Seattle on February 16-18, 2017, and the 2nd Annual Hemp Awards & Festival held this past March in Colorado.


Cryptocurrency & Cannabis Businesses Unite

Many people from the cannabis business ecosystem and supporters of cryptocurrencies believe these two markets should combine. Currently, the cannabis industry is having a difficult time moving cash, dealing with banks, and censorship from the credit card companies. Bitcoin proponents believe the low fees of cryptocurrency, its censorship resistant nature, and its ability to operate 24/7 are just some of the great benefits Bitcoin could provide to these entrepreneurial startups.

The Crypto Cannabis Conference is meant to create new network relationships, provide the basics of using Bitcoin, and learn the techniques of growing a proper cannabis company. On Saturday, October 22nd after the event, there will also be an after party from 7:30-10pm  for special guests. Entrepreneurs from both sides will have a chance to build partnerships and hopefully, their collaborative efforts will help both industries grow even further.

What events and conferences will you be attending this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of the Crypto Cannabis Conference, Cronic Lifestyle Magazine, Pixabay.

Did you know Bitcoin.com is hosting a conference in London on November 6-7, 2016? Blockchain: Money will incorporate some of the most well-known innovators and executives in the digital currency and blockchain industry.

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