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A Decentralized World Has No Kings

There are many forms of activism in this world. Many people see how corrupt the world can be and want things to change. Currently, there is a significant movement towards more autonomy. While this movement is small compared to the majority who can’t imagine a freer society, our world will gradually find its way there in a decentralized manner.

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The Decentralized Thought Movement

free-thinker-copySlowly but surely we are headed towards a frictionless, more voluntary world. It’s not going to happen overnight. In fact it may not even happen in our lifetimes, but it is gravitating towards there. The past is like a game of chess and, in the end, there will be a checkmate but what follows will be no kings.

For instance, the size of the libertarian movement is growing — and whether it be those who believe in minarchy (minimal government) or anarcho-capitalism, the philosophy is spreading. Some believe there will eventually be a violent revolution. However, many of those holding specks of these philosophies don’t really want this. I for one prefer to believe in evolution. Similar to the past, where we recognized chattel slavery was wrong. In time, we’ll also see free-range slavery as a mistake.

Everything in this world evolves and has evolved. This cycle continues, and you can see the best parts of it through emulation. This is when humans try their best to be good innovators, or work to innovate even further. Technology is growing immensely, and forms of cryptoanarchy are taking us to a new level of freedom. There are those coding software that encrypts our conversations from the prying eyes of government, to Bitcoin decentralizing our money.

Coding the Known and Unknown

2222These concepts were not born for no reason. Well-known and completely unknown activists created protocols from BitTorrent, that decentralized the music industry, to Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper that is disrupting legacy finance. The reason these innovative technological feats exist is because the other systems have become stagnant.

The music industry was well-known for being parasitic towards artists. Now the bosses who once made millions off artists are floundering. We know who created BitTorrent, and some programmers don’t mind the public spotlight. Artists themselves have also found new ways to create revenue directly, where most royalties and recognition go directly to them. It may seem like piracy is not giving artists their cut — but if you look most of the time, it’s the record labels who’ve suffered most from this disruption. Musicians are learning to evolve.

Disintermediating the Money Makers

With Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto was unknown and there are many coders who remain anonymous. When you create a digital currency that disintermediates the money makers, you might wish to be anonymous as well. People can reference what happened to the creator of the Liberty Dollar.

55555However, Satoshi created an event that took on a global form. There is no government that issues it. No corporate entity or boardroom behind the code. Just people using specifically designed software to disrupt traditional trade and exchange. Now there are individuals who’ve created a significant economy around this software. It’s difficult at times to understand, and it’s not as simple as paper fiat backed by gold.

Bitcoin’s value comes from the people who speculate on its importance. This definition is different for everyone, but an unyielding majority of us want to disenfranchise the current money system. This includes those who believe in nation states, and those who believe in pure anarchism. Those who still believe in the state to some degree may understand the current financial system is stagnant. Those who have a lesser opinion towards the nation states want the money system to be transparent and laissez-faire. All these people will get their way, through these evolutionary tools.

A Whole New World Is Coming

The Internet is the ultimate tool of our times. So far it has spread these ideas to the brink of genuine innovation. It has spread knowledge, software that disintermediates, and a new type of conversation to anyone around the globe. Concepts like sharing blueprints or detailing corruption overseas, happens in minutes. A person who couldn’t typically send funds to family across borders, can do it now. Capital controls are no match for ideas like Bitcoin, and anyone who needs to send money can do so on a whim. In this day and age, people can do it with a computer in their pocket. These ideas cannot be stopped.

A decentralized autonomous world is coming. Those who’ve built the framework for these concepts know only our children may experience it. Evolution and emulated behavior is happening right before our eyes, from innovative technology to wholly different types of thought. Often the world can look bleak, but those who are not giving up can see these rays of light. We are a brave new world, and if you are optimistic about it, the revolution will be digitized.

What do you think about our evolution towards digital freedom? Let us know in the comments below.

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