DECENT Partners With Major Adult Film Producer for Privacy Pilot


DECENT Partners With Major Adult Film Producer for Privacy Pilot

Decentralized content distribution startup DECENT has partnered with adult entertainment portal Naughty America in an attempt to break new ground in privacy and content protection.

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DECENT: Blockchain Can Relieve ‘Plagued’ Industry

decentThe move, first announced in a press release on October 2, will see joint research and a pilot project to reshape owners’ rights in an industry “plagued by illegal content sharing and concerns about privacy,” according to DECENT.

The release reports that the pilot will “implement progressive Digital Rights Management. . .by utilizing the most recent advancements in Blockchain Technology, Digital Video Fingerprinting and Cryptography.”

Naughty America is an apt partner in the adult industry, due to its focus on next-level technology, such as virtual reality, to deliver its product to users.

“Decent offers us the ability to accomplish both at the same time due to the technology’s level of security, transparency, and inalterability of records,” Naughty America CIO Ian Paul said.

There has been much talk and research into the practical application of blockchain technology to secure property rights across multiple industries. Additionally, smart contracts have been cited as a method for fair compensation of content creators down the foodchain to end users.

DECENT states that the adult entertaiment industry stands to benefit from this technology, with room for considerable expansion in terms of helping content creators.

“Video and music production and distribution companies across the world are constantly trying to find an effective solution of copyrights infringement… But Blockchain companies working on the current problems in the video content industry are far and few between,” the release continues.

‘Distinguishing Content’

While the full extent of the planned research remains a mystery, DECENT added that the project mainly focuses on so-called digital fingerprinting. This allows content creators to root out copyright infringement more successfully by analyzing a range of video characteristics.

“In comparison to what is widely used today – hash coding, can only determine a completely equal or unequal file, the DECENT system will distinguish between genuine and copied content using detailed analysis of file’s characteristics,” co-founder Matej Boda explained.

The two companies also hinted at the creation of “an efficient distribution system that will benefit the content producers as well as its end users” but gave no further details.

The Blockchain itself meanwhile is no stranger to streamlining the adult industry. Other projects have focused on issues, such as fair payment of salaries for individual workers — in addition to the problems of content protection.

From websites turning to bitcoin salaries to place more control in the hands of workers, to escort using the currency to bypass legal and security restrictions, the sex industry seems to be warming to the idea of a more decentralized approach to its operations.

Adult Industry Not New to Innovative Tech

The adult industry has often found itself acting as an early adopter for revolutionary technologies. At the advent of the first major internet rollout twenty years ago, for example, the adult sector set out to use the technology as a way to make content more accessible.

“We look forward to exploring the huge potential of Blockchain technology in combination with current industry solutions along with Naughty America in the upcoming pilot project,” Boda added.

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