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Dear Ross Ulbricht: The Next Ten Years

Dear Ross,

Evan Faggart
Evan Faggart

I am writing this letter a day before your birthday. Just three days ago, I had my own birthday, I turned 22. That means we are ten years apart almost to the day. So, while trying to come up with something to say that will help you enjoy your birthday, I began thinking about what life will be like for me in 10 years, when I’m turning 32, just as you will do on March 27. How different will my path be from yours, and how different would it have been if you had never stood up for what you believed in and fought for economic freedom through your entrepreneurship?

You have been unfortunately pushed from your path by an unwieldy government reluctant to embrace change. Corrupt agents abused their power to profit from your mistreatment, and now you await an appeal so you can get a chance at forcing authorities to right the wrongs they committed against you. To me, that situation is absolutely unacceptable. Contemporary politics should never trump legal precedent, and the law shouldn’t be used to make a contemporary political statement. Based on the precedent set by other drug cases, you deserved a far lighter sentence — if you even deserved prison time at all.

The unacceptable position that you have been put in is why I am writing this letter, and why I have organized this letter-writing event for your birthday. I can’t change the law or reverse court decisions, but I can give you words of encouragement and support, and I can encourage my team of writers at and my fellow Bitcoiners in the broader community to do the same.

As such, I hope everyone’s letters help keep you positive at the start of your 32nd year.

As I said in my last letter to you, you have indirectly changed my life in some very fundamental ways. Your use of Bitcoin on the Silk Road contributed to its tremendous growth in price, popularity and use, bringing it to my attention. It did not take long after that for Bitcoin to capture my imagination and become my passion. In that way, you are responsible for me venturing into the world of Bitcoin journalism, which has led me to become the Senior Editor of the two most reliable and fastest-growing news websites in the industry. And for that, I thank you.

Now, after reflecting on how you have influenced my life through Bitcoin thus far, I wonder how Bitcoin will shape my future over the next 10 years.

Your mother was kind enough to write a letter to the team and everyone from the community who has written to you for your birthday. In her letter, she said:

“Often people ask us who Ross is. The answer: one of you. He is a person who loves and reveres freedom and believes in the uniqueness and value of the individual. He is someone who cares deeply about people and their having the opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams.”

These words really hit home for me, because they remind me of that indirect yet life-changing influence your actions had on me. By contributing to the growth of Bitcoin, and sending the messages of freedom and economic empowerment to the world through your story, you have immortalized yourself in every single Bitcoin enthusiast — past, present and future.

Therefore, every time one of us accomplishes a goal or achieves a dream through Bitcoin, we are doing our part to advance your goals of a society that empowers the individual. Essentially, every time we experience success, you win. It doesn’t matter what kind of bars, walls or laws separate you from the world, your work is still being done, your dreams becoming ever-closer to realization.

With that in mind, I will continue to pursue my goals of carving out a career for myself in the Bitcoin ecosystem. And along the way, whether I stay in this industry for 10 years or for the rest of my life, every one of my successes will be partly due to your work on the Silk Road. Again, thank you, and please do your best to remain that positive, caring person that your mother says you are.

Happy Birthday, and Best Wishes,

Evan Faggart

In celebration of Ross Ulbricht’s birthday, March 27, the will be posting their personal letters showing their support for Ross. If you would like to help Ross, feel free to donate to his appeal fund at

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