Dash Across America: The Bus Begins its Journey

This article was written by Catherine Bleish.

The Bus has officially departed on tour. The Blush Family (John Bush, Catherine Bleish, their two children and two dogs) are traveling the country to advocate for all things decentralized, with a focus on cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Dash. How they travel and engage in commerce along the way is unique, and highlights how you can always use Bitcoin and DASH to pay for things you want and need.

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The Bus Is Officially Revealed

Dash across America bus
John Bush in front of the Bus in Ocean Beach, California

The conversion from empty school bus to tiny home on wheels was a true community effort. Volunteers from Arizona, Houston and Central Texas participated in the gutting, painting, and total overhaul of the bus.

Dash across America bus
The Blush family with some of the volunteers after the paint job was complete

The Bus was remodeled using bitcoin in almost every capacity. The hardwood floors and general construction items were purchased at Home Depot with bitcoin via

Dash across America bus
Brian Stith laying the new flooring while Alma Sommer and Robert Amason mask the interior for paint

The rooftop air conditioner, stove, composting toilet, hand-powered laundry machine, and other household items were purchased on Amazon with bitcoin via Gyft. The ease of use helped us quickly get the products we needed in a frictionless manner.

Dash across America bus
John using the hand powered laundry machine at a hotel purchased with bitcoin – You can visit to book hotels and flights with bitcoin!

The brake mechanic and painter did not accept bitcoin, but they did set up an Airbitz wallet and accepted a tip in bitcoin. We were able to make payment to them by exchanging bitcoin for paypal and sending them money via paypal.

The family actually got off to a late start after a cascade of front brake repairs were discovered just days before their caravan departed. The brake repair company would not allow work to be done on the inside of the bus while it was at their shop, so the family was unable to complete the full renovation before leaving on tour.

Dash across America bus
John set up the brake mechanics with an Airbitz wallet and sent them a tip in bitcoin!

With new brakes and a list of still-to-do remodel tasks, the Bus took off 4 days late for the Jackalope Freedom Festival in Forest Lakes, Arizona. You can watch their video on the bus overhaul and departure here:

At the festival, tour sponsor logos were applied and John Bush gave a compelling presentation on decentralized social organization (Freedom Cells), and he participated in a very thorough crypto panel.

Dash across America bus
Drew Phillips of Agorist Hosting applied the sponsor logos that were provided by

The bus was truly the talk of the event from start to finish. A group of excited friends and fans greeted the family as they pulled in, and the house was on full display for four days straight.

As soon as the sponsor logos were applied, the family noticed massive attention from the general public.  At every gas station, grocery store, and other stop people approach John and Cat to discuss bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

On their way to Sedona, a well-informed FedEx driver noticed the logos and asked if Dash “utilized a blockchain like bitcoin.” There is no doubt that general awareness has grown since the family’s first bitcoin-only “uncoinventional” road trip in 2014.

You can hear their current podcasts at and follow @uncoinventional on Insagram for the most up to date tour information.

If you would like to support the Blush family’s efforts, you can visit, or submit donations to this and future tours via the following crypto addresses:


ETH: 0xb461A1F753C06b085fA883FFb842e50cFf806719

DASH: XdbqM8trmMUSHx5V18aaG6AADJwW6gLrMo

Tour Sponsors include:,,,, BitMain Tech,, Cell411, Arcade City, Brave New Books,,, and Barking Springs Dog Ranch.

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