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Darcrus will Launch Prototype during its Initial Coin Offering

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The crowdfunding effort launched by the Darcrus Project(https://darcr.us/) has managed to gather 463 bitcoins in its first few days, reaching almost half of the campaign minimum goal. In this ongoing event, investors are able to exchange bitcoin for Darcrus tokens (DAR), a crypto asset that will run on a buyback program(https://blog.darcr.us/darcrus-buy-back-program-details-7cd449bb9333#.6iw5jj95q).

This buyback program will be funded by directing a portion of the funds generated by the SIGFARM mining operation(https://sigwo.com/) and from direct client sales/consulting services to the purchase of Darcrus tokens from the sell books of the major exchanges. These tokens will then be burnt by the Darcrus team in a transparent fashion.

Founded by blockchain expert and founder of Sigwo Technologies, Steven Grove(https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-grove-b5aa4ab4), Darcrus aim is to provide software and consultancy solutions for companies that want to leverage the power of blockchain technology to improve their infrastructure, disrupting the way these corporations store, manage, verify, and recover their information and allowing them to neutralize their downtime.

In its roadmap(https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1676111.msg16830026;topicseen#msg16830026), Darcrus has outlined the development and launch of three different projects, the first of which is dAppsheet(https://darcr.us/docs/DarcrusWP-v1.pdf), an easy to use application that allows companies to replicate their databases wherever a dAppsheet node is running. Not only does this system allow the company to have an auditable, secure and decentralized database but it also acts as recovery system, allowing nodes to recover information by replugging into the blockchain, eliminating any server downtime. Furthermore, the Darcrus team will also ensure that companies can make a smooth transition into a blockchain-based system with the highest ease and security by providing consultancy services on which solutions to implement and how to implement them. Several corporations are already looking into the potential benefits that dAppsheet and Darcrus may bring them.

Development of the first dAppsheet prototype already on its way and is expected to be released before the end of ICO, as well as the first updates on the Graphic User Interface (GUI) which will be unveiled for the first time next week.

To learn more the dAppsheet application and Darcrus, you can check out the first version of the whitepaper(https://darcr.us/docs/DarcrusWP-v1.pdf) or read the F.A.Q page(https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1676111.msg16830029#msg16830029), created to answer any question that may linger after reading the documentation.

The Darcrus Initial Coin Offering (https://darcr.us) period will continue until December 11th, with funds being held in escrow through the Coinbase Vault, in which two out of the three escrow key holders must authorize any outgoing transaction. Early investors can take advantage of the current 25% bonus in order to purchase DAR tokens in the Initial Coin Offering(https://darcr.us/). This bonus will last unil the November 27th, after which a 15% bonus will take its place.

You can join community bounty programs(https://blog.darcr.us/darcrus-bounty-rules-and-information-3441b496d2ab#.46re0lgac) and follow the latest news through the official Slack(https://inviteme.darcr.us/) or bitcointalk forum(https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1676111).

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