Japanese 'BitGirls' Show Brings Blockchain Voting, Cryptocurrency to TV


Japanese 'BitGirls' Show Brings Blockchain Voting, Cryptocurrency to TV

A new cryptocurrency-inspired television show called BitGirls will air on Tokyo MX TV this fall. The Japanese show features an interactive blockchain voting platform and a girl group crowdsale.

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Japanese TV Show BitGirls to Air on Tokyo MX TV

bitgirls_logo_600The first season of the show features three young women from Japan. Known as the “BitGirls,” Kaori, Chika and Masa hold voting challenges with the television hosts over the course of the first season. Creators say the project brings Japanese mainstream viewers to the world of blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Episodes air on a weekly basis, and participants can use Torekabu-nushi (Trading-share-card holders) to cast votes after each episode. The voting aspect purportedly adds different elements to the broadcast. This includes having the girls wear different costumes and changing standing positions during each show.

Furthermore, BitGirls will air internationally, as the creators plan to broadcast every episode online. The show also provides subtitles in both English and Chinese, in hopes that the subject of cryptocurrency will entice investors. The show’s creators say they will add more girls to the roster in the near future.


The BitGirls Project Begins With an ICO

The new TV series will have a crowdfunding event where participants can invest in voting tokens. The creators of BitGirls will offer discounted tokens during the month of October. Additionally, investors will be able to trade the BitGirls currency on the Zaif exchange, starting this November.

Zaif will launch the BitGirls crowdfund on October 3, with each girl having a pre-sale for their own personal tokens. Torekabu tokens will go on sale in limited quantities, but more tokens will be released to the public after each aired episode. The Torekabu currency will be paired with bitcoin, XEM, and ZAIF Counterparty tokens. Creators believe the free market will determine the initial value of the BitGirl assets.

Organizer Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau explained during the announcement:

“We are developing a super high-tech private-chain software named mijin, but at the same time, even if it sounds a bit stupid, I would like to encourage Japanese people to enter the crypto world by making a reason to buy cryptocurrencies with this very Japanese style of entertainment.”

The BitGirls show hopes to succeed both in Japan and internationally. Organizers say the entertainment value of the show, in addition to its interaction capabilities, creates a fun experience for viewers. Once listed on Zaif, anyone can purchase the tokens without location restrictions. Additionally, traders can purchase tokens with Counterparty, bitcoin, ZAIF, and XEM.

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Source: BitGirls.io 

Images courtesy of BitGirls.io.  

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